Best travel games for toddlers

tod an
tod an

A toddler is one who toddles all around. The age of a young children or toddler is one to three. During this period physical growth and cognitive development will be slower. Toddler likes to know different things at this phase. They imitates the various sound they hear. They act the same thing which elder people do in front of them.

Most of the people like to visit different places. Travelling is a passion for them. Travelling blows out pain , stress to our mind from everyday life. It rejuvenates us for future work. Through travelling one can reach known world to unknown. They gather knowledge and experience. Travelling get pleasure to all our mind. People need break to their daily routine and plan for a short or long trip. Today many of the parents are busy in their work. They cannot spend time with their toddler. Parents want to carry toddler when they go for travelling because they spend as much time for their toddler.

When you travel with your toddler you carry various things for health and hygiene. You also carry different games which are very light. Toddlers play games with their family members. They enjoy a lot.

Roll and play

It is heard that roll and play is the toddlers first game. Toddler love this game. When toddler play this they are very much active. This games develops a toddler’s knowledge about human body parts, animal sounds, colours, counting number etc. They are very curious to know these things.

Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunt is also a good play at this age group. Parents engaged toddler on scavenger hunt play for fun. Through this game they know how to search. It is well when we find the right things. All family members spend time with toddler through this game.

Matching games

Matching games are of different themes and sub themes. This game is proper for this age group. Toddler develops  their memory skill through this games. Matching games is very exciting to do. It creates or forms a new one.

UNO games

UNO is a fun card game. All like to play this game. This card game dissolves the monotonous journey. This game is very much attractive to toddler.

Games always give fun for toddler, children, younger and adult. These portable games carry easily when we go for a trip. Toddler does not disturb others on the journey. They attached with their parents at the beginning of the journey. Toddler does not feel lonely. Then enjoy all along through games.


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