10 Sports Game for Kids

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Games are essential for physical fitness and mental strength. Kids play games to develop the growth of physic. It is a saying All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. Games are of types – Indoor games and Outdoor games. Games help to make one’s character and personality. Games can increase the immunity power. It prevents kids from many diseases. Kids can enjoy their lesson after playing games. Games and sports are the best recreation for kids. Kids learn discipline through games. Games can boost energy to kids. Kids can play different kinds of sports. Sports and games have a lot of advantages and also a lot of disadvantages. Kids can learn self defends through games. Children can participate to the sports competition. Children enjoy lots of fun through sports and games.


Kids like to play football. You make a team for playing football. It is an inexpensive game. Football can improve our muscles strength. Juggling of football enhances our concentration and balancing power.


Cricket is the most popular game. Most of the children love to play cricket. Bat, ball and wickets are necessary for playing cricket. It can play with a group.


Carrom is the best indoor games for kids. This game is played on a wooden square board. It does not harm anybody. Kids play carrom safely in the house. It releases the stress about studies of children. This game helps children to develop communication skills, sharing, patience, attention.

Table Tennis

Children like table tennis very much. This sport improves hand eye coordination. Table tennis is excellent for the brain as well as enhances children’s motor skills. Children spent quality time to others through games.


Children like to play badminton. Racket and cork are the main thing for playing badminton. This game plays an important for health. It also needs a net. It was the most popular summer camp games.


Cycling is a good exercise. You need a good bicycle. This game improves our concentration. We can enjoy to ride a bicycle. The observation skill for road traffic increases through game. You always conscious when ride on cycle.

Walking or Running

Kids are very much enjoying to walk or run. This is a very active sport. Children doing this all the time. It has no cost to do. It will improve our physical and mental health.


Now a days judo is the popular game. It enhances our emotional and spiritual growth. It teaches us self – control. It learns self defends. Most of the schools include this game to teach the children.

Hide and Seek

It is the most interesting game. Children are very much attached to this game. This game plays in groups. Children can find many new places through this game. Through this game they make new friends.

Video game

Kids are very interesting on playing video game. They stay in a fixed place for a long time. They develop concentration power through this game.

Kids spent most of the times in playing different types of sports. They regularly play on a daily routine. Sports give us many benefits. Children set up their mind for competition at the very fast moment. Kids are doing various activities.



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