Reasons Why People Put Others Down

Reasons Why People Put Others Down
put others down

Putting others down is a common defense mechanism that has its roots in our childhood. It’s a way of asserting control, but it also can be taken too far. When someone puts down another person, there are often numerous reasons behind their behavior. These include:

The need to feel superior to others.

Reasons Why People Put Others Down

Do you know how people feel when they put others down? It makes them feel superior to those individuals. A person who puts others down seeks to make themselves feel better about themselves by making others feel inferior. They want to be above everyone else like they are better than everyone else, and that’s why they engage in this behavior in the first place; it’s all about their own individual needs and desires.

What do you think happens when someone puts another person down? Do you think that person feels happy inside? I would guess not! Instead, I would bet that they experience feelings of resentment towards themselves because deep down inside they know what types of things they have done have hurt other people but yet still go ahead with their actions anyway because it helps them cope with other issues in their own lives which may include self-esteem issues or even feelings of inadequacy due to past experiences where they didn’t succeed at something despite trying really hard which causes them anxiety when thinking back on those moments which cause hatred towards yourself so much so that feeling inferiority complex arises from within which leads us back into being mean towards others since there isn’t any other way how can get rid off these negative emotions except by focusing outwardly instead inwardly thus resulting into mistreating people.

Childhood trauma.

Reasons Why People Put Others Down

Childhood trauma can cause someone to put others down. It also includes neglect, sexual abuse, and physical abuse. To deal with childhood trauma you can go to therapy or talk to a friend. If you know someone who has had childhood trauma, you can help them by listening when they need it the most and not judging them for their past experiences.


Reasons Why People Put Others Down

Jealousy. This is a very common reason why people put others down. Jealousy is a sign of insecurity, and it’s often a result of poor self-image and low self-esteem.

For example, let’s say that you have your own business and you’re doing well financially but one of your coworkers isn’t doing so well financially. You might feel jealous of them because they have something that you don’t have: financial success! This could make you want to put them down even though they haven’t done anything wrong or bad at all (which would be unfair).

Low self-esteem.

Reasons Why People Put Others Down

A low self-esteem is a form of self-hatred, which is a form of self-sabotage. In other words, people who put others down usually do it out of a lack of confidence in themselves. They are insecure about their abilities, so they try to make themselves feel better by putting others down and making them feel worse than they do.

This can also explain why some individuals put people down even when they don’t know them personally: because these individuals already have low self-worth and/or low confidence about themselves, to begin with, seeing someone else being successful makes them feel even worse about themselves.

To cope with this feeling of inadequacy, they try to make up for it by trying to make other people feel bad so they’ll think less highly of those particular individuals instead—as though that would somehow cancel out the negative energy surrounding them at any given moment! The reality is though: no matter how many times someone puts another person down or makes fun of something that person has done (or hasn’t done), it will never change their own inner struggles or resolve any issues between themself and anyone else involved–including themselves!

A poor home life.

Reasons Why People Put Others Down

An unhappy home life may be the reason for a person’s behavior. If you were raised by parents who were abusive or neglectful, it’s likely that you will become more aggressive as an adult.

If your parents were alcoholics or drug addicts and/or absent from your life, then you are less likely to have learned appropriate social skills at home, which can lead to significant problems later in life.

Also, if your parents physically abused you, verbally abused you, or abandoned their responsibilities as parents altogether — all situations that cause psychological damage — then this could also contribute to causing someone to behave poorly toward others later in life.

A violent upbringing could also result in putting others down just because it’s easier than being nice and respectful yourself.

They have been bullied themselves.

Reasons Why People Put Others Down

While some people may be outwardly mean to others, there are many more who are not. They may have been bullied themselves and they are taking out their personal pain on others. Here are a few reasons why this may be:

  • They have been bullied by their peers at school.
  • Their parents were bullying them and so now they bully others in an attempt to get back at them for how they were treated as a child.
  • Their siblings were bullying them and so now they bully others in an attempt to get back at them for how they were treated as a child.
  • Their teachers were bullying them and so now they bully others in an attempt to get back at them for how they were treated as a child.


Reasons Why People Put Others Down

Insecurity is one of the most common reasons why people put others down. Insecure people often have low self-esteem and are unable to see beyond their own flaws, so they project these insecurities onto other people, who they believe will be comforted by the knowledge that they themselves are not alone in being insecure.

In some cases, insecurity can lead to bullying or other forms of abuse: if you feel threatened by someone else’s confidence or success, then it might make sense for you to try and bring them down a peg or two so that everyone knows who is boss (or at least who has been bullied into submission).

Sometimes insecurity develops from having been raised in an unhappy environment: for example, if your parents were constantly fighting with each other when you were growing up then this could make it difficult for them to show love towards their children – leading children growing up with such experiences may become socially awkward adults who feel resentful towards others whom they perceive as having had better childhoods than themselves.

But perhaps the most common cause of insecurity is education; if someone doesn’t know many things because they haven’t been taught them properly then this can lead them to think negatively about their own intelligence.

Poor education.

Reasons Why People Put Others Down

A person with poor education may be unable to read or write, or they may have only a high school diploma. With the world becoming more technological and complex, it becomes harder for those who don’t understand what is going on around them. To keep up with technology, you need to know how things work and why they are important.

Poor education can also be a source of low self-esteem for some people. If someone has been struggling in school their whole life because of their inability to learn new things, then they may think that there is something wrong with them rather than realizing that it’s just something that they struggle with. This can lead them down paths where they think others will judge or criticize them because of this weakness (which most likely won’t happen).

Lack of empathy.

Reasons Why People Put Others Down

The lack of empathy is a sign of a sociopath. What is empathy? Empathy means to be able to understand and share the feelings of another. Empathy is a crucial part of social interaction and relationship building, both key factors in effective communication. Without empathy, it’s nearly impossible for people to get along with each other or stay in healthy relationships.

In fact, a lack of empathy can actually be dangerous because it indicates that someone has no interest in understanding others or seeing things from their point of view, which makes them more likely to act aggressively toward others without considering how their actions might affect others. A person who lacks any concern for another person’s feelings may also have an inflated sense of self-importance (i.e., narcissism) and believe that they are better than everyone else—a recipe for disaster!

Sometimes it’s not personal if you’ve been the target of someone putting you down, it can still be hurtful and may be a sign that this person has problems and needs help, so don’t take it personally, but also try to have empathy for them and remember that whatever they say about you is just a reflection of their insecurities and low self-esteem, so don’t let it get to you!

  • Don’t take it personally.
  • Don’t let it get to you.
  • Don’t let it affect your self-esteem.
  • Don’t let it affect your relationships.
  • Don’t let it affect your work.
  • Don’t let it affect your health.
  • And finally, don’t let this person’s behavior change the way that YOU behave or think!


Bullying is a serious problem that can have long-lasting effects on your mental health. If anyone has ever made you feel inferior or belittled you in any way, then please seek help from a professional. There are also resources available online for those who are looking to find support groups or need more information about how to deal with this behavior in their lives. Also, remember that bullying is never okay no matter what age! It’s crucial we work together as communities and schools so we can stop these types of behaviors from happening again.


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