The One Social Media App You should never download to your phone. It is so dangerous

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Social media application is an internet base application that shares information, ideas and thoughts through networks. At first you create a personal profile on this app. It connects to the community that are linked together. We publish the page on this app. You share documents, videos, photos, audios through social media app.

We are connecting to the people not only in our country but also outside of the country. We interact with friends and families. Now a days most of the people use it to create a platform of business. It is very easy to reach the customers within a short time. We enjoy a lot through social media app. But these apps are so dangerous for your phone and also your privacy.

Facebook is one of the most popular social media apps. You should never download Facebook app to your phone. It has about billion users. It is very essential for some people. Everything has some advantages as well as some disadvantages.

The Facebook app is always running in the background even when you are not operating it. In this way the phone is used to track your location and provide personal data. The identity hacker hacks your identity.

Your information share with third parties. There is no secure privacy. The information spread rapidly. The friends list and the page will not secure.

Facebook advertisements may contain malware. It is very harmful for your phone, spreads viruses also shares all the important data to the others.

Most of the people use fake profiles in the Facebook. They want to hide their identity. Through this fake profile they want to know the secret of others. The secret information discloses to all.

The other big issue of Facebook is that the app can delay the progress of your phone. The app utilizes too much battery. Then the battery backup drains quickly. You should charge your phone for a long time.

Facebook is a social networking site. It networks spread all over the world. This app should not download to your phone. It is very risky app, reveals all the information clearly, can also public all the business data. Sometimes It can share all the private details of your phone. Contact details and emails are open to all by this app.


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