3 Simple Hacks for making your iPhone charge so much faster

3 Simple Hacks for making your iPhone charge so much faster
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3 Simple Hacks for making your iPhone charge so much faster

iPhones are very expensive. If your precious iPhone lasts long you maintain a few good tips. This will help you so much. It requires just a few minutes a day to work continuously. iPhone has a lithium-ion battery. It is the best suitable for this device. This battery is lighter, charges faster, and last longer compared with other batteries in the market. You use your iPhone to play games, browse the web, watch videos and do various kinds of work regularly. 

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Smartphones are the best. They can keep you connected to friends, family, and the entire world—all at your fingertips. But what if you’re stuck in a car and need to charge your phone before you can use it again? Or worse yet, what if you’re on a long flight and just want to watch some movies on your iPad or iPhone? These days, iPhones are more powerful than ever; they have larger batteries that last longer between charges. But even so, we still run into situations where our phones need more juice than usual (or at least as much as they give us). So how do you get through those long stretches without losing contact with the outside world? Let me tell you about three simple hacks for making your iPhone charge so much faster:

Enable Airplane Mode

3 Simple Hacks for making your iPhone charge so much faster

The iPhone charged out and you need the phone immediately to do work. You follow this simple trick for your iPhone to get charged much faster. When you plugged your phone in normally it will consume power. It receives and transfers data through the internet and Bluetooth. iPhone charging takes too much time for this reason.

One of the biggest power hogs on your iPhone is the cellular radio. Airplane Mode helps you turn off all radios, including cellular and Wi-Fi radios, so that you can’t receive calls or use data while charging.

This process will charge your iPhone faster than usual. It will close most of the apps. When airplane mode is enabled no connections can work. It cannot initiate any calls, or transfers or receives any data, texts, or photos. It does not consume power. So iPhone will take less time to charge faster.

Charge the phone with a wall socket

3 Simple Hacks for making your iPhone charge so much faster

Most people do not know how to charge their phones properly. Charging in the wall socket is very good and fast compared with charging in a straight.  Wall sockets transfer heavy voltage than extension. It is increasing the speed of charging. Many extension sockets have a low capability for iPhone fast charging. A wall socket is great in advance to charge faster.

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Lower the brightness of the screen

3 Simple Hacks for making your iPhone charge so much faster

The third hack is to turn the brightness of your iPhone down. This may sound counterintuitive, but it’s true: the screen is one of the biggest battery drains on your device. By lowering its brightness you’ll get more life out of every charge. You should always keep the low brightness of your phone screen. The brightness of the screen consumes heavy power. So the iPhone charges out rapidly in this way. If you lower the brightness of the screen, it consumes less power. It can speed up charging by reducing the brightness of the screen. If you need to get fast charging on your iPhone, you maintain this step.

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These are 3 simple ways to improve the speed of charging on the iPhone.

We hope you found these tips helpful to streamline your charging process! The key is to make sure that you only charge when necessary, and then only with a wall socket. If you’re on the go, use airplane mode and disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth so that you’re not wasting battery power or data usage while trying to charge up. By following these steps, we think you’ll be able to cut down on charging time by at least half an hour each day!


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