10 Best Reasons Why Rebound Relationships Fail?

Why Rebound Relationships Fail
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You’ve probably heard of rebound relationships. You might have even been through one yourself. But Why Rebound Relationships Fail? Lets Find out.

What is Rebound Relationship?

Rebound relationships are when two people who have recently ended a relationship with someone else, enter into a new relationship with each other. Being in a rebound relationship can be exciting and fun at first, but it’s important to know that this type of relationship has a high likelihood of failing. Here’s why:

It can be tempting because:

  • you are lonely
  • your friends want you to move on
  • your new partner is more attractive and exciting than your ex-partner, at least initially
  • you want to show your ex that there’s someone better out there for you

However, a rebound relationship is not as great as it seems because:

  • It’s built on false foundations and expectations.
  • No time to introspect.
  • You aren’t your true self.
  • Too much emotional baggage.
  • Comparisons.

Don’t fall into the trap of a rebound relationship! If you need time alone or with friends after getting out of an old relationship don’t rush into another one just because!

built on false foundations and expectations

Why Rebound Relationships Fail

In a relationship, we are navigating expectations and reality. We have to turn our fantasy into something that is practical and realistic. So many of us fail at this because we have expectations based on what we want rather than what is possible in the real world.

Reality is hard enough without having an idealized image of how things should be getting in the way. If you can’t imagine a future with your partner, it’s time to end the relationship so you don’t waste any more time on it!

No time to introspect

Why Rebound Relationships Fail

Before you can begin to heal, it’s important that you take time to think about what went wrong and why. Introspection is crucial for understanding yourself and building healthy relationships in the future. It’s a process that takes effort and patience, but the benefits are well worth it.

Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • What do I want from life? What do I want out of love? Is this relationship helping me get there? Why or why not?
  • How much time did I spend on my own self-care when I was in this relationship? Was there something missing from my life before it began that made me susceptible to an unhealthy situation? Do any of these qualities still exist within myself now or am i still unhappy with them (for example, an unwillingness to be alone)? And how can i change them if they’re hindering me from reaching my goals?

You aren’t your true self

Why Rebound Relationships Fail

You aren’t being your authentic self.

When you’re in a rebound relationship, you’re trying to fill some kind of void with someone else. In order to begin doing that and get over your ex, it’s important that you start being honest with yourself about who you are and what you want out of life. Being authentic means being honest about everything: your wants, needs and desires; how much time or energy (if any) do you have for another relationship; what kind of person would be best suited for this new relationship? If there’s anything that isn’t working for YOU in this situation – tell them! Don’t try to hide it from them because it will come out eventually anyway (and probably when they least expect it).

Too much emotional baggage

Why Rebound Relationships Fail

Your past is what makes you who you are, but it doesn’t define who you can be. If your last relationship didn’t end well, there’s no reason why this one should. If the last person that broke up with you had a horrible personality, their traits are not something that will necessarily rub off onto this new partner. The key to letting go? Trusting yourself—and trusting the other person—to be different in a good way.

To get over a breakup or divorce and move on with your life as single people would do best if they could put behind them all those unpleasant thoughts regarding their ex-partners’ faults and mistakes which may have caused problems between them at home or in bed during their marriage/relationship; otherwise these old memories would continue playing tricks on their minds even years after separation!


Why Rebound Relationships Fail

Comparisons are the main reason why relationships fail. Actually, You’re comparing your new partner to your ex or you’re comparing them to your friends’ partners. You’re comparing them to your own expectations and what you think they should be like, and finally, you compare them with the idea of what you want for yourself in a relationship.

All of these comparisons can create anxiety and stress because it’s impossible for anyone else (including ourselves) to live up to our own expectations or standards. We all have ideas about what we want out of life which aren’t always realistic or true for everyone else’s lives. When these ideas get transferred into relationships, it can lead us down a path where we expect our partners (or ourselves) to be perfect without taking into consideration their own needs and desires as well as those of the relationship itself.

You’re not over you ex

One of the most common reasons why relationships fail is because you haven’t moved on from your previous relationship. If you’re still in love with your ex, or if you’re still angry at them, it’s highly unlikely that a new relationship will work out. You need to get closure and move on before starting something new.

You’re not ready for a rebound relationships yet

Another common reason why relationships fail is because one or both people involved aren’t ready for a serious commitment yet. If one person is just coming out of a long-term marriage, for example, they may want to take some time off from dating before diving into another serious relationship. Or if someone has been cheated on repeatedly in their past relationships, they may not be interested in pursuing anything serious until they feel secure enough in themselves and their own judgment skills that they know how to avoid getting hurt again (or even worse: becoming the cheater).

Looking for someone to complete you

This is one of the most common reasons why rebound relationships fail. People who enter into them often hope that a new partner will help them recover from the pain of their previous relationship and provide them with what they really need emotionally (love, acceptance, etc.). When this doesn’t happen, they become frustrated or disillusioned with their new partner, which leads them back into another unhealthy relationship or even worse — depression and isolation.

You don’t really know the person

You might have been with them for years, or you might have just met them yesterday. Although, You may have known their history and secrets, but there is no way to account for any of those things when it comes to where they are today. Actually, You do not know if they are still struggling with the same problems from their past; this could be affecting their behavior or decisions in ways that aren’t obvious to you at all times.

You also don’t know about their personality, values, goals and dreams right now in this very moment because everyone changes over time (even though some change much more than others). We are constantly evolving into new versions of ourselves; our mindsets may shift dramatically over months or years depending on what life experiences we go through during that time period—and by extension how we react to those experiences too– so even if someone had similar traits during one point in life compared with another point later down the road then again there really isn’t much basis for comparison other than perhaps superficial observations such as “they’re still wearing clothes” instead of actually getting deep inside someone’s headspace wherein lies true understanding beyond surface level observations/assumptions which are often proven wrong anyway when people change between different states such as being happy versus sad etc.

Lack of trust 

Building and maintaining trust is one of the most important things in a relationship. Trust is like a two-way street; both people need to be willing to give it, and both people need to be able to take it. Breaking trust is one of the main reasons for failure.

Trust is something that can be earned over time—if you’re honest with your partner, if you don’t lie or keep secrets from them, then they’ll know that they can trust you. If you ever break their trust (such as by cheating), it will be harder for them to trust you again—it’s hard for anyone who has been burned before not just once but multiple times by someone who claims they love them!

It’s also harder for someone who has been hurt badly before not just once but multiple times by someone pretending like nothing happened between them anymore when clearly something did happen between them because otherwise why would they want another chance?

Rebound relationships can be more trouble than they’re worth

The emotional energy it takes to get over one relationship, and then move on to another is exhausting. You may find that you’re so focused on your new partner that it leaves no room for the work required in a healthy relationship. This can lead to resentment or even worse… cheating!

The strain of trying to make two people happy will take its toll physically and mentally on both parties involved. This isn’t fair for either person; it’s too much pressure for anyone to handle alone. If someone is struggling with a breakup, he or she needs time alone—not another person who expects them to be their confidant all day every day (and vice versa).


Rebound relationships are not ideal, and often end up being a bad idea for those who have recently undergone a breakup. If you just want to get back with your ex, then the best thing to do is give yourself some time alone and think twice before getting into a relationship again. But if you want to explore your options and try out new things, then perhaps it’s best that you find someone who will truly value what they have with you.


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