12 Essential Safe Travel Tips for Solo Travelers

solo travel heading
solo travel heading

The world is a big, scary place. If you’re anything like me, it can be easy to feel anxious about exploring on your own. After all, nothing is more terrifying than the unknown. But if you don’t want to miss out on all of the amazing experiences the world has to offer, then it’s important that you conquer those fears and take that first solo trip anyway!

As a solo traveler, you have to plan everything of your own choice. Solo travel gives you freedom. You can independent and confident through this solo travel. It is a safe journey. Most people like to enjoy the solitude of solo travel. Traveling alone is enriching your experiences. There are many opportunities to explore yourself. Here are some safety tips, following which you can roam alone safely!

Read well about the place

So you’ve decided to go abroad, but are you prepared for the experience? Before you begin your journey to your travel destination, it’s important to research the region you’ll be visiting.

  • Know the culture, customs, and language of the country. This may seem obvious—after all, if you’re making a trip to China and don’t know Mandarin or Cantonese, it will be difficult for locals to communicate with you—but many travelers still forget this step before heading off on their travels. Even if English is widely spoken in your destination country or city (it often isn’t), knowing a few key phrases can help make life easier while abroad: “thank you,” “my name is ____” or even just pointing at yourself when someone asks who someone else is referring to without saying their name will go a long way towards making connections with new friends during your trip!

  • Do some research on laws and regulations regarding alcohol consumption and smoking restrictions within public areas such as hotels and restaurants; these can vary greatly from country to country! Some countries might have strict rules requiring hotel rooms not only smoke-free but also alcohol-free while others may allow smoking outdoors only during certain times like after 8 PM until 10 AM every day except Sunday mornings when everything reverts back again…so keep an eye out for those things before booking late night activities such as dinner reservations so that nobody gets left out of their fun because they didn’t realize what hours were allowed where they were going (or worse yet – got kicked out!).

  • Read very well before visiting the place. Search for the hotels which are the best accommodation ratings. Research the climate, and transportation of the place to make travel easier. At first, you need to plan for a nearby place after that you should go far. Learn to navigate the locations using Maps. 

  • Don’t forget to take travel insurance!

Trust your instincts.

First and foremost, trust your instincts. If you have a feeling that something is off, it probably is. It’s okay to ignore these feelings if they’re not particularly strong or urgent; but if they persist or get stronger, trust them and act accordingly. Collect the local helpline or security contact numbers once you arrive at the new place. 

Secondly, be aware of your surroundings. This can be much more difficult than it sounds when you’re in the middle of a new place that’s full of unfamiliar people and places—especially if everything about this experience is so exciting for you!

However, make sure to keep an eye out for anything suspicious: people who are following or loitering near you; cars waiting around corners with their engines running; passersby who look like they might be trying too hard to appear friendly (like asking where your hotel room is when there aren’t many other options around); etcetera ad nauseam.

Thirdly (and most importantly), pay attention to how others treat you—your body language and interactions with others will tell all kinds of stories about where/when/how safe a situation might actually be for someone going solo!

To keep safe important documents

You must keep important documents like your passport, visa papers, flight tickets, itinerary, and exchange receipts safe while on a trip. Send these important documents to an email of your own. Keep another copy of your documents to your family members. Never deposit any original documents outside.

Use a good quality safety lock

You use a safety lock on your bag when going by train or plane. If you are staying in a hostel or hotel you will be leaving many things when you visit for sightseeing. It is a great risk. You always take a good quality safety lock for your belongings. Most of the hotels or hostels give you the lock but it deposits sometimes at reception. Then you lock your hotel room cabinet with your own lock.


Packing is vital for any trip. When you travel solo you take only the essential things. At first, you write down a list for packing. You can read the list according to your necessary. You pack the luggage that you carry comfortably.

Stay connected with the phone

If you’re traveling alone, it’s a smart idea to have a phone that can be used internationally and that has several features. If possible, bring a smartphone instead of a basic flip phone or even an old-school mobile phone. The more bells and whistles your device has, the better equipped you will be in case of emergency.

You always update your information to your parents and your close friends. You open your phone for 24 hours. Every step of the journey connects with your family.

Don’t take any valuable things

You don’t take any valuable things while traveling solo. Especially in the case of solo female travel, there is a chance of losing valuable things like jewelry and other fancy items. It is risky. You do not care about these things alone.

Carry cash

You carry more cash if it is harder to find any nearby ATMs. You give all the payments through cash. You do not keep all the amounts in a single pocket. You can divide the amounts and keep them in different places.

Eat at only recommended places.

  • Avoid eating at street vendors. Street vendors are great for a quick snack, but it’s best to avoid them if you want to stay healthy and safe. You never know how long their food has been sitting out in the sun or how long they’ve been handling it, so it’s likely that you’ll pick up some sort of stomach bug from them if you eat from one of these places.

  • Eat at restaurants that are busy and popular. The best way to ensure your food is prepared properly (and hasn’t been sitting out for hours) is by sticking to restaurants that are crowded with customers. These places will have plenty of business and as such don’t need to skimp on freshness or cleanliness in order to make a profit!

Avoid going out at night alone

When you travel solo you should avoid going out alone at night. You try to do all the things during the daytime. if you need to go out at night, try taking a taxi only from the hotel or from any reputed agency. 

Avoid alcohol

You should avoid alcohol while traveling solo. It is not the right time to drink for enjoying. If you want to drink at that time then limit the amount.

Don’t trust quickly

You do not trust anyone quickly. At first, you understand the motifs of the people and the situation of the surroundings. You gradually trust the people.

Stay healthy

When you travel solo you eat normal food and drink mineral water. These do not get trouble for your health. You should avoid spicy food at that time.

You follow these steps to go for solo travel. It is a very enjoyable journey. There is no extra burden. On solo trip expenses are small and luggage is also small. You spend the time yourself. You do not feel any disturbance by others.


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