The best U.S. National Parks to visit in summer

The best U.S. National Parks to visit in summer

When it comes to the best U.S. national parks to visit in summer, there are a few things you should keep in mind. First and foremost, summer is the peak season for these hot spots—so much so that many of them sell out months in advance! And while many people might recommend visiting in the shoulder months (i.e., spring or fall), we recommend to visit at the end of summer when crowds drop off, prices go down and you can enjoy cooler temperatures before they dip too low again this time next year.


The best U.S. National Parks to visit in summer

Carlsbad Caverns National Park is located in southeastern New Mexico, about an hour’s drive from the Texas border. The park has many caves, including Carlsbad Cavern itself—the world’s third-largest natural cavern at more than 100 miles long (and still growing). It is one of the best national parks you can visit in the summer.

The park is also home to the endangered Texas blind salamander. Visitors can learn about these animals at Carlsbad Caverns National Park, where they can see them up close during guided tours of Bat Cave and Natural Entrance Cave.

The caverns are open year-round and offer guided tours all day long; however, if you want a private visit with fewer people around, try visiting in the summer. In addition to being less crowded than other months of the year due to school vacations or summer travel plans (and therefore making it easier for kids who may need time outside), this time of year tends to have milder weather than the winter months do—which means that even if there is no snow on the ground near your destination city yet (such as Denver), travelers won’t have as much trouble finding affordable flights as they would during colder months when snowstorms might prevent travel altogether.


The best U.S. National Parks to visit in summer

The Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks are located in the Sierra Nevada range of California. They are adjacent to each other, making them ideal for a cross-park trip. These parks offer stunning landscapes and abundant wildlife, but what makes them especially fun to visit in summer is that they’re mostly empty!

The weather can be unpredictable: it’s hot in summer, but if you’re lucky you might get some rain or snow. If you want to see waterfalls in full force (before they dry up by fall), go now! The best place to enjoy the natural beauty of these parks is at Cedar Grove Village where there are many hiking trails. If you don’t have time to hike all day long because it’s so hot out there during the summer months then just spend a few hours exploring here before heading back home.

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The best U.S. National Parks to visit in summer

Located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, Yellowstone National Park is home to the largest concentration of geysers in the world. It also has more than 1,000 geothermal features including hot springs, mud pots, and fumaroles.

The park is known for its wildlife: grizzly bears and gray wolves roam freely through its forests. Visitors can see these animals up close at many points along the park’s roads or hiking trails year-round. In summer months you can also spot bison that frequent grassy areas around thermal features in search of food during warmer weather; however they tend to stick closer to lakes and rivers during winter months when temperatures drop below freezing point on average every night between November through March (although there may be some variation depending on elevation).

Visiting Yellowstone in summer means fewer crowds compared with other months because school holidays are over meaning fewer families visiting together making for an easier time finding things to do without feeling overwhelmed by large crowds.


The best U.S. National Parks to visit in summer

The best way to visit Mount Rainier National Park is on foot and over the course of several days. Take advantage of the summer weather by embarking on a long hike, such as the 5-mile hike around Goat Lake. On this trail, you’ll experience sweeping views of snow-capped peaks and lush green valleys.

summer is also an ideal season to visit Mount Rainier because it’s less crowded than other months. The crowds thin out in summer due to the National Parks Service closing certain areas for maintenance from July through September each year. During these months, there are reduced services but if you plan your trip properly you can still see plenty of wildlife and enjoy breathtaking scenery without feeling rushed or overrun by other people.


The best U.S. National Parks to visit in summer

The best time to visit Glacier National Park is in the summer. This is a great time to explore the park because the weather is not too hot, and there are fewer crowds than during the summer months. It is also one of the best national parks you can visit in the summer.

The park was established in 1910 at the request of James J. Hill, president of the Great Northern Railway Company. At 1,600 square miles, it’s one of the largest national parks in America! It features incredible mountains, lakes, rivers, and glaciers—all within easy reach of other cities like Missoula or Kalispell.

During your visit to this stunning part of Montana, you’ll be able to enjoy outdoor activities like hiking on trails that lead through beautiful forests filled with wildlife such as big horn sheep or grizzly bears (if you’re lucky). You might even spot an eagle soaring above your head! In addition to exploring nature directly at ground level, there are many opportunities for boating on Lake McDonald or canoeing on Flathead Lake which borders each other along with other smaller lakes within these borders.


Best National Parks to visit in summer

Crater Lake National Park is a unique and beautiful place to visit in summer. It’s the deepest lake in the U.S., and it’s also one of only a handful of lakes on earth that contain pure, natural water without being tinged by minerals or pollutants. The lake is fed by rainwater, snowmelt, and groundwater; there are no rivers flowing into it or out of it (except for one small stream on its western shore). The summer season is a very good time to visit the park.

The park was originally established as Crater Lake Forest Reserve in 1892, then re-designated as Crater Lake National Park in 1902 after becoming more popular with tourists from Portland and beyond. Visitors today come from around the world to see this natural wonder: not only does it look like something straight out of Mordor but also because its water has an unusually high content of dissolved carbon dioxide gas (CO2), making its color very dark blue.


Best National Parks to visit in summer

Isle Royale National Park is an island located in Lake Superior in the state of Michigan. It’s a national park and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is one of the most visited parks in the U.S. It has a great deal of history; it’s been used for research by scientists since 1933, and it was designated as a national park in 1940. The island has no permanent residents or buildings on it; instead, you’ll find numerous lakes and forests that are home to black bears, moose, wolves, and more than 200 other species of wildlife!

The weather can be unpredictable on Isle Royale as you’ll have to deal with changing temperatures as well as rain or snow during your visit (though these don’t happen often). However, if you only plan on visiting for one season then summer is probably your best bet because this time period offers optimal weather conditions with warm days followed by cool nights which makes exploring easier during any activity such as hiking or biking through forested trails while enjoying views at various lookout points along the way.


Best National Parks to visit in summer

The North Cascades National Park is a great place to visit any time of year, but it’s particularly beautiful in summer. The high elevation and steep slopes there mean you’ll get some amazing views of the surrounding mountains. There are over 1,000 miles of trails for hiking and biking, as well as more than 1,000 miles of rivers and streams for fishing or paddling.

The weather is generally good during this time of year. Temperatures can be warm during the day with temperatures reaching up to 80°F (27°C), but nights are cool with lows dipping into the 40s (5-10°C).


Best National Parks to visit in summer

Alaska is a beautiful place, and if you’re looking to visit in summer, the Kenai Fjords National Park should be your first choice. The park is located in south-central Alaska on the Kenai Peninsula. There are many things that make this park worth visiting:

  • It’s a marine park, with wildlife ranging from whales and salmon to sea otters, puffins, and seals.
  • The park boasts glaciers that extend far into the ocean and glaciers that rest at lower elevations within the mountains’ foothills.
  • If you’re interested in hiking or backpacking but don’t want to go very far away from civilization (and all its comforts), there are plenty of trails available for you! And these trails aren’t just for hikers—you can also ride horses along them if horses are more your speed.
  • You can visit some beautiful scenery here during any season of the year—but one particular time of year when it seems especially magical is summer(when we visited).


Best National Parks to visit in summer

Located in Wyoming, Idaho, and Montana, Grand Teton National Park offers visitors a variety of landscapes and wildlife. The park’s name is derived from its most famous feature: the spectacular 13,770-foot (4,197 m) mountain with its distinctive flat-topped summit. A popular destination for hikers and cyclists alike, this national park also contains some of North America’s finest scenery including glaciers, lakes, and waterfalls that are just waiting to be explored. It’s good to visit this park with your kids.

The park’s flora includes over 1,000 flowering plants including five species of wildflowers that only grow here; one being the alpine aster which can be found on both sides of the Continental Divide in the west section of Teton Basin. There are also over 400 species of insects that call this area home including many endangered species such as grizzly bears or whitebark pine trees which were once thought extinct until rediscovered by explorers during their expeditions into this part of the west during the early 20th century.


The U.S. National Parks are some of the most beautiful sites in the world, and each one is full of amazing sights, sounds, and experiences that everyone should experience at least once in their lifetime. Parks are a great place to enjoy, especially with kids as they have a lot to learn. We hope this list helps you decide which park you want to visit on your next trip from the above-given list of parks — whether it’s one of our top picks or not.

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