Secret Hidden Uncrowded Beaches of the U.S.

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Nothing screams “vacation” like stretches of white sand, pristine blue water, and the opportunity to soak in the sun. Staying at a resort or booking a cruise directly to a popular beach destination is one way to get that dream vacation; however, there are other ways to experience all the joys of a relaxing beach trip without having to break your budget. The United States is filled with hidden beaches that offer an alternative to the well-known tourist destinations—and these little-known beaches may even provide you with your own secret getaway. Here are some of our favorite hidden beaches across the U.S.:

Look for a beach that has a nearby freshwater source.

If you want to find a beach that isn’t crowded, look for a beach that has a nearby freshwater source. You can tell if there is a freshwater source near the beach by seeing if there are streams, rivers or lakes nearby. If you see any of these things, the beach will be less likely to be crowded. This is because people aren’t going to want to go swimming at a place where they have to travel far from their car just so they can get clean after swimming in the ocean! There are lots of examples of beaches with freshwater sources: one example is Shipwreck Beach on Maui (pictured below). This beach has plenty of shade trees and beautiful white sand but what sets it apart from other beaches on Maui is its freshwater pools–these pools allow visitors who don’t want saltwater in their eyes access points into the water without having to get wet feet first!

Sandbridge Beach, Virginia. .

Sandbridge Beach is located in Virginia Beach, Virginia. It is a beach that is not crowded and has a freshwater source nearby. Sandbridge Beach is a great place to go to relax and enjoy the water.

There are many different types of fish, sea turtles and other marine wildlife that can be seen at Sandbridge Beach. The sand here is white and soft which makes it easy for families with small children who are playing in the sand all day long or even older people who have trouble walking on hard surfaces such as concrete sidewalks near your house because they can get tired easily from walking on them all day long without any rest breaks between trips back home from work or school each day (depending on age).

Cumberland Island, Georgia. .

Cumberland Island is a barrier island off the coast of Georgia. It’s home to the Cumberland Island National Seashore, which consists of 16 miles of beach and forested land. The island is popular with kayakers, hikers, and wildlife enthusiasts who come to enjoy its natural beauty; but it also has some hidden gems that make it worth visiting if you want a more untraveled experience.

Basically, there are no cars on this island; so when you arrive via ferry you’ll be greeted by pick-ups (or maybe even horses!) instead of taxis or buses. You’ll need to plan ahead for your stay here—there are no hotels or restaurants on Cumberland Island—but if you’re looking for something secluded and relaxing without any crowds then this might be just what you need!

Carova Beach, North Carolina. .

  • Carova Beach, North Carolina. This quiet beach is a great place to enjoy the ocean without the crowds. With miles of pristine sand and water, Carova Beach offers plenty of room for you and your family to spread out and enjoy the day.
  • If you’re an avid shell collector, this beach is perfect for shell hunting! Even if you don’t find any shells, it’s still fun just to walk along the shoreline looking at what others have left behind when they were here before (and maybe even walking off some stress by kicking or throwing rocks into the ocean).
  • You’ll also find plenty of opportunities for fishing here too—Carova Beach has been dubbed “the best place for fishing” by many locals who love spending time on its shores. The fish are plentiful in these waters because there is no commercial fishing allowed; only recreational fishermen can take their boats out into deeper water where fish are more likely to be found!

Enderts Beach, California.

If you’re looking for an uncrowded beach to spend a day at, look no further than Enderts Beach in California. While this destination is not as well-known as other beaches in the state, it’s still a great place to relax and enjoy the sun.

The beach has no lifeguards on duty, so it’s important that you keep yourself safe by staying close to shore and being aware of your surroundings. The water here may look calm but there are strong currents nearby that can pull you out if you are not careful.

Be sure to bring plenty of sunscreen and bug spray so that you can enjoy your time at this beautiful spot!

Wildcat Beach, California.

Wildcat Beach is located in the city of Ventura, California. It’s a popular spot for surfing, swimming, and fishing. Wildcat Beach is located near the Rincon Point Lighthouse and makes for a great place to watch the sunset.

Dry Tortugas, Florida.

Located off the coast of Key West, Dry Tortugas is a national park that’s home to numerous wildlife species including sea turtles, birds and dolphins. The small island is also home to a lighthouse and museum.

The best time to visit this destination is during winter months when temperatures are cooler and crowds are low—and with all its natural beauty, it’s no wonder that this hidden gem attracts visitors from around the world.

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park, Florida.

St. Joseph Peninsula State Park is a 1,200-acre park in Florida with a beach, campground and boat ramp. The park is located on the Gulf of Mexico and has more than two miles of pristine sand dunes. It’s open year-round and serves as an ideal spot for surfing, swimming or just relaxing on the beach under shade trees.

Awahua Beach, Hawaii.

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Hawaiians are known for their love of the water, and Awahua Beach (also known as Waiakea “Five Waters”) on the Big Island is no exception. This hidden gem of Hawaii’s Kona Coast has been named one of America’s top 10 beaches for its pure white sand, warm blue waters and gorgeous views.

Whether you want to relax in a hammock and listen to the sound of waves crashing onto shore or explore an ancient Hawaiian temple that overlooks the beach from above, Awahua Beach has something for everyone.


The United States is full of beautiful beaches. They are an important part of the US history, culture, and economy. And because they have such a significant impact on our daily lives, it makes sense that we would want to explore them all! However, some beaches may be more accessible than others – while others may require traveling long distances or paying hefty fees just to access their sandy shores. As you plan your next getaway, consider checking out some of these secret/hidden/uncrowded beaches around the country. You might be pleasantly surprised at what you find!


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