Keep flies out of the house – expert advice

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice
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This article is a resource for people who want to learn more about keeping flies out of the house. It includes expert advice on how to keep flies away from your home and prevent them from coming in.

The best way to keep flies out of your home is by taking preventative measures. This means sealing off entry points into your home so that they cannot enter through the windows, doors or other openings. You should also remove trash from around the outside of your house and keep it clean so that no food sources are left for them outside.

Cleanliness is the key

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

It’s important to keep your house clean in order to keep flies out of it. The first thing you should do is thoroughly clean the dustbin of your house, and then empty it regularly. You should also make sure that there are no dirty dishes or food leftovers lying around, as this could attract flies.

Keep house clean 

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

One of the easiest ways to prevent flies from entering your home is by keeping it clean. As soon as you notice a speck of dirt or dust, take action and clean it up immediately. Additionally, you should make sure that there isn’t any garbage sitting around for long periods of time. This can attract flies and other pests that may be looking for food sources.

Make sure that the kitchen is always spotless and free from any food spills or leftovers in the sink or on countertops or tables. If something does get left out overnight, clean it up as soon as possible so no flies have an opportunity to lay eggs there before they move onto another area of your home!

Clean the dustbin of the house regularly:

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

Clean the dustbin of the house regularly:

  • Empty the bin daily and clean it with warm soapy water.
  • Rinse it well and dry it.
  • Clean the bin weekly with a disinfectant, if you want to be extra careful about flies in your home then clean it once a week or more often depending on how much food waste is collected in this bin every day, otherwise use a fly killer liquid or spray around this area as well as in other areas where there is likely to be food scraps lying around (in garbage bins etc). 4 Covering all possible entry points for flies like cracks in walls/floors etc with insect screens will also help keep flies out of homes

Soda bottles, Vinegar and dish soap fly trap

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

Prepare a trap by pouring apple cider vinegar and dish soap into an empty soda bottle. Cut it in half and put the top half upside down inside the bottom half, leaving a small opening at the top. Fill up with water, making sure to keep it just below halfway so that when flies slip in they can’t climb back out. Leave where there are plenty of flies around, such as near windows or doors.

Natural oils repellent

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

  • Use lemon. Lemon is a natural repellent for flies, bees, and wasps. You can make your own homemade fly spray using just two ingredients: lemon juice and water. Combine 1 cup of fresh squeezed lemon juice with 1 gallon of water in a large spray bottle. Spray the mixture around your home to keep flies away from areas where they are likely to land (inside windowsills, doorways). This mixture would also work well as an outdoor insect repellent spray when diluted with more water—just remember to reapply after it rains!
  • Use lavender essential oil. Lavender essential oil has been shown in many studies to be highly effective at repelling flies naturally. Simply put several drops of this powerful fragrance on cotton balls or other cloths that you can place strategically around the house where you want them kept out (windowsills tend to be prime locations). Alternatively, use a few drops directly on any surfaces that might have attracted these pesky pests before; lavender’s pleasant aroma should keep them away from such places next time around!
  • Use cloves or basil leaves as bay leaves do not repel flies because they do not release their scent until crushed or bruised by humans!

Salt and Turmeric

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

  • Take a bowl and add 2 cups of water.
  • Add 2 spoonfuls of salt and 2 spoonfuls of turmeric. Mix well and wait for a few minutes.
  • Sieve the solution and pour it into a spray bottle

Pepper and Salt

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

Salt and pepper are one of the most effective and easily available ingredients that you can use to repel flies. All you need to do is take a small bowl, add some salt and pepper to it and keep it in the area where flies are a nuisance. The flies will avoid entering this area as they don’t like them.

Orange Peel

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

The smell of citrus fruit is a natural fly repellent. The peel from an orange or lemon can be used to keep flies out of the house. You can use the whole orange, just peel it and leave it on a table in your house for about a week before you throw it away. Or you can cut up the entire fruit into pieces and place them around your house in any areas where you think flies might be entering.

When using the orange peel, make sure that you do not leave them out for too long or they will start to get moldy and attract more bugs than they repel! If this happens simply throw them away or compost them instead. In general, these methods should last anywhere between two days up to one week depending on how often they are refreshed with new peels as needed (based upon what works best within each home).

Ginger, Clove, Basil, Banana, Apple Cider Vinegar and Eucalyptus Oil

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

  • Make a solution of ginger, cloves and basil. Add water to about 3 cups of each herb in a large jar. Let it soak for at least 24 hours before straining the liquid into another container and then pouring it into an empty, clean spray bottle or two-ounce glass bottle. You can use this spray on your clothes, furniture, walls and any other surface inside your home where flies might be lurking.
  • Place banana peels around doors or windows as well as inside garbage cans to keep flies away from these areas. Flies hate the smell of bananas so they’ll avoid anything that smells like them! This method also works well when you’ve got fruit flies in the house; just place some peels near where they’re hovering around or buzzing around food leftovers on countertops or tables. When finished eating any fruit, rinse out leftover scraps with water then put them in a sealed container until you’re ready for composting (or throw them away if composting isn’t an option).
  • Apple cider vinegar and eucalyptus oil are both natural fly repellents because their strong scents repel insects from whatever area they’re sprayed onto! Soak cotton balls with apple cider vinegar (or pour some straight into a small bowl) then place them around problem areas such as garbage cans or near potted plants outside where flies tend to congregate most often around here (in addition to being attracted by food scraps left behind after picnics). For indoor use: Fill small bowls with apple cider vinegar at places throughout rooms where there’s no food available; dump each one halfway through its lifespan so there’s always fresh liquid present whenever needed again later down road.”

Essential Oils, Lavender , Light Trap

Keep flies out of the house - expert advice

Essential oils and lavender: The smell of lavender has been shown to deter flies. You can try putting it in a bowl or on the edge of your kitchen sink. Light trap: A light trap is a device that attracts flies with its bright, ultraviolet light, then traps them inside so they can’t escape. Some people have had success using light traps in their kitchens when flies were getting into the house via open windows or doorways at night.

Wrapping up

  • Some of the best ways to keep flies out of your home are by keeping food sources, such as garbage and pet food, in tight containers.
  • You can also use a variety of repellents, including bait traps and sprays.
  • The best way to keep flies from invading your picnic area or barbecue is by cleaning up after you eat and taking extra care not to leave out unwanted food items.


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