How to Remove Gel Nail Polish

Gel polish is a professional-grade polish that’s been around for many years. It provides long-lasting color and shine, as well as chip resistance. This makes it one of the most popular nail polish types on the market today. The gel formulation itself is made up primarily of monomer, polymer resin, and solvent. In addition to these ingredients, gel polishes also contain pigments that give them their colors. Each brand will have its own formula but they all include these three main components:

What is gel nail polish?

Gel Nail Polish

Gel nail polish is a type of nail polish that is cured with a UV light. It’s often referred to as gel or salon nails, and it’s used by salons because it lasts for weeks without chipping. Gel nails are also known for being easy to apply, so they’re a great option if you don’t have much experience doing your own nails at home. They’re also perfect if you want the look of acrylics but don’t want the damage that comes along with them!

How to Remove Gel Polish

remove gel nail

It’s easy to take off Gel Nail Polish and doesn’t require any special tools, but it does take some time. If you want a quick manicure, then maybe this isn’t the right technique for you. But if you have time on your hands, then go ahead and try it out!

Soak a cotton ball in acetone

Acetone and cotton ball

You need to soak a cotton ball in acetone, a solvent that will dissolve your nail polish. Acetone is found in nail polish remover, so you can use that if you have it handy. If not, any acetone-based product like nail polish remover or paint thinner should work as well.

To soak the cotton ball:

  • Get out some cotton balls and pour some acetone onto them until they’re saturated with the liquid (make sure to wear gloves for this step).
  • Apply the soaked cotton balls directly onto your nails and wrap them up with aluminum foil (you may also use plastic wrap) for 10 minutes so that they absorb all of the residue from your nails

Place the cotton ball on your nail using tweezers.

Nail Tweezers

  • Place the cotton ball on your nail using tweezers.
  • Add a layer of remover over the cotton ball, then cover with another piece of cotton pad/ball and repeat step 1 to remove the polish from your nails (you can also use an old toothbrush for this).

Wrap each finger with foil.

Wrap with Foil

The acetone in the polish remover can be harsh on your skin. The first step is to wrap each nail with foil, especially if you have sensitive skin or are prone to drying out your nails. This will protect your skin and keep it from getting irritated by the acetone as well as prevent any evaporation of the solvent during the soak time.

Leave your nails wrapped for 10 to 15 minutes.

Use Towel

You should leave your nails wrapped for 10 to 15 minutes. The time you should wait depends on the product you are using, so check with them if you’re not sure. If you have no idea what should be done and when it should be done, then it is best to leave them wrapped for a good 20 minutes.

Additionally, if there is any chance that the foil might come loose during this process, you should also wrap a warm towel around your hand to keep it on securely. Acetone works well in the heat.

Once the time is up, check with your fingertips by touching them carefully. If they feel dry and hard after removing the wraps, then they are ready to go! If not, simply repeat this process again until they become hard enough.

Push off the remaining gel polish with a wooden cuticle stick.

wooden stick

A wooden cuticle stick is very useful to remove gel nail polish from skin around your nails. A wooden cuticle stick is a medical tool available in most drugstores and online. It’s made of plastic, but it looks like a long narrow twig or small piece of wood, which makes it easier to handle than other types of metal tools for this task.

Nourish Your Nails and Skin

Nourishing Nails

Using a nail strengthener, a moisturizer and hand lotion are all great ways to keep your nails and skin healthy.

Nail Strengtheners:

There are lots of products out there that can help you with this! We recommend using an oil-based one like Nailtiques Formula 2 or 3. These will make your nails stronger in no time!


Once you’ve got the strength, it’s important to keep those babies soft too! We love Burt’s Bees Hand Salve because it’s not greasy and smells nice. You can also use any hand cream from our list below if you’re looking for something more affordable/packaged nicely with less ingredients!

Have Fun with Your Gel Manicure!

Gel manicure

When you’re ready for your next gel manicure, don’t forget to schedule an appointment with a professional. If you’ve never had one before, ask them about their experience and credentials. This way, you’ll know they’re qualified to provide the treatment.

Another thing to check is the salon’s sanitation rating—this will give you an idea of cleaning the place is kept and whether or not it’s likely that your nails could become infected with disease-causing bacteria during your appointment (which can happen if tools aren’t properly cleaned between uses).


You now know how to remove gel nail polish at home easily. You can also use other methods such as acetone soak-off gels or gel nail removal those are specially formulated for removing gel nails so don’t worry about getting frustrated with trying over and over again until you get it right. You can apply same procedure to remove gel nail polish pedicure.

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