Best ways to Teach Your Child How to Swallow Pills

Best ways to Teach Your Child How to Swallow Pills

If you have kids, you’re likely familiar with the struggle of getting them to take their medicine. It can be hard to get kids to do anything that they don’t want to do, but getting them to swallow a pill is especially challenging. Pills are small, and the act of swallowing one can seem downright scary for some young ones. The good news is that there are ways you can make this process easier on both yourself and your child! In this article, we’ll highlight some tips for teaching a child how best to swallow a pill safely — from preparing ahead of time with games and activities all the way through execution on the big day itself — so that both mommy and baby can rest easy knowing that everything went smoothly.

What is the proper age to teach a child to swallow a tablet?

The best age to teach your child how to swallow pills is between 5-6 years old. This is because at this stage, the child’s mouth and throat muscles are strong enough for them to learn to consume tablets without any issues. If you wait too long, then your kid may not be able to consume capsules by themselves by the time they reach their teenage years.

When teaching a kid to consume tablets, make sure that they have plenty of water nearby so they can wash down any pill residue that remains in their mouth. You should also supervise them during their first few attempts at inhaling pills until they get used to it and become more confident with themselves as well.

When not to allow a child to swallow pills

There are certain times when your kid should not learn to consume a pill. Most importantly, when a kid is not feeling well or has a sore throat, they should not try inhaling tablets until they have recovered. This may also require them to take some medicine for the pain or fever that is causing them discomfort. Another time where it’s not advised to teach your child how to swallow pills is if they are hungry or thirsty because then their attention will be on eating and drinking instead of learning to consume a pill properly. If a child is in a bad mood, then he or she may be more likely to refuse to take their medicine than usual and therefore make it hard for you as parents if this happens when you’re trying to learn them to do something new.

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Teaching children to swallow pills

Teach Your Child How to Swallow Pills

Teaching children to consume tablets is a lot of fun, especially if you have a big mouth. All it takes is patience and persistence, but the rewards will be worth it. If you want a kid to learn how to consume capsules, here’s what you should do:

  • Show them how it’s done (this is crucial). Have them watch you make one yourself and then tell them they can try themselves by taking their pill with some water in their mouth.
  • Don’t give up! Let your kid know that they’ll be able to get used to inhaling tablets over time; after all, everyone has trouble at first—even adults! This will help them feel confident about trying again when they’re ready.
  • Be encouraging and positive when offering praise for each success story; this will let them know that good behavior does pay off in the long run.

Practice is the main thing

Practice is the main thing. It’s important to get your child used to inhale capsules before they go on a long trip or start a new medication. If you don’t have time for this, start now! Practice is key—it will help them become more comfortable with taking tablets, which in turn makes it easier when they need to do it at other times.

If a kid has never swallowed a pill before, here are some tips:

  • Show them the way it works. Take one yourself and show them very easy and natural it is (and then eat it).
  • Get something small like a Tylenol tablet and put some water in your mouth along with the pill. Swallow both together using an exaggerated movement so that they see exactly what’s happening inside their mouths as well as outside. This helps create positive associations around inhaling capsules that may not otherwise exist without this kind of demonstration by an adult figure such as yourself.

Give a prize for practicing

Teach Your Child How to Swallow Pills

When your kid inhales a pill, make sure to praise him or her. My pediatrician recommended giving my son a small reward for every successful consumption, but then a large reward for inhaling the pill twice in a row. This was very effective! When I was doubting whether this method would work for my son, he actually inhaled four capsules in one sitting! He got so excited about his rewards that he went into his toy chest and threw out all of his toys so that he could play with them again after we were done taking out the trash.

To encourage a child, even more, you might want to give them an extra special prize if they take three or four tablets at once without gagging or choking on any of them.

Sit straight

Sit straight. In other words, sit up straight with your back and head up. A good rule is to sit with your back straight and your chin up, but not so much that it looks like you are staring at the ceiling or looking down at a book. This will help a kid eat up the pill easily when they need to take it.

The child should also be sitting on their bed or couch when taking their medication so that they have easy access to water if needed as well as being able to lay down afterward without having to get up and walk out of their room.

Take a sip of water and swallow

Teach Your Child How to Swallow Pills

Once you have some water, swallow the candy and then take a sip of water. Swallow that down and repeat until the pill or medication is gone. You might think it’s silly to take several sips of water after inhaling one piece of candy, but this is actually an important step in getting a kid accustomed to swallowing medicines and medications.

Taking small bites of food (as opposed to trying to devour them in one bite) can help build up their confidence about eating new foods by making it feel less intimidating, which will make them more willing to try new things throughout childhood and into adulthood.

Start a try with a small candy

Teach Your Child How to Swallow Pills

The first step is to get a child comfortable with inhaling small objects. You can do this by getting them a small candy, taking a sip of water, and swallowing the candy. Small candy is very helpful to swallow for a kid for the first time.

Afterward, you should give your child praise for doing so well with such an easy task! This will help them feel more confident about inhaling pills in future situations as well as make it easier for everyone involved because now we know that our child does not have allergies or other issues related to ingesting food/medication orally.

Keep a little bit tilt head back

  • Keep your head straight
  • Keep chin up and tilt the head backward, this will help to open up the throat
  • Take a sip of water and swallow it slowly and then take small candy in your mouth and start taking it while swallowing the water slowly, if this practice is complete then start practicing with large candies

Place a small candy in the middle of the tongue


To train a child to swallow a pill, start by having them place the pill on the middle of their tongue. Then have them take a sip of water and swallow it all at once.

Repeat this step until they’ve mastered inhaling pills with ease! If you have trouble inhaling pills yourself, try repeating it until your throat gets used to it.

Take another sip of water

Take another sip of water, then swallow it. You want to make sure that the pill is being inhaled before you take another sip. If you don’t do this, or if you drink too much water at once and end up inhaling the pill before it’s had time to dissolve, then your child may not get the full benefit of their medication.

Take a sip but don’t drink too much at once – remember that swallowing is an action that requires coordination between several different muscles in your throat and stomach; taking too big of a gulp can cause your child’s food tube (esophagus) to spasm and prevent him from fully inhaling his medication.

The same goes for drinking too little: if he doesn’t get enough liquid into his system because he was ‘too slow’ with his first few sips of water, then he may have difficulty getting all of his medication down his neck safely as well. The ideal solution here would be for him to drink just enough so there’s an equal amount left over after each swallow; this way neither method would cause any problems during ingestion.

Swallow the water with small candy

Teach Your Child How to Swallow Pills

First, try to swallow the water with a small piece of candy. It’s important to take a sip of water first before swallowing the pill and candy. Then, tilt your head back slightly so that you can see what’s happening to it in your mouth. Finally, put the small piece of candy in the middle of your tongue and take another sip of water; when you swallow this second time around, it should be much easier than before.

If this processing is complete then start practice with a large candy

If this processing is complete then start practicing with a large candy. You should give the child a prize for every successful pill practice session, such as a new toy or video game that he or she has been wanting. Practice makes perfect, so this will take some time and patience on your part, but the end result will be worth it!

Once you have done several successful trials of swallowing medicine using a small candy, move up to swallowing them with larger candies and then finally with actual pills and/or capsules. It is important to work up in size as this ensures that the child has developed the proper muscles needed for swallowing before he or she moves on to trying hard-to-inhale objects like tablets.


In conclusion, the best way to help your child swallow pills is by simply talking about all of their possible fears and concerns. This will help them feel more comfortable with taking medication and make sure that they know how much water or food they should have before doing so. As a parent, you can also encourage them to be as independent as possible when it comes to taking medications because this will educate them about responsibility and self-sufficiency which are important skills for everyone. This practice helps children at their adult age. They overcome the fear of swallowing pills.


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