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Walking is the best way to take in a travel destination. It’s free, it’s healthy, and it gets you off the beaten path. Of course, if you don’t have the right footwear on your feet, you could put a damper on all those benefits by causing yourself blisters or being distracted by an uncomfortable fit. Here are some of my favorite walking shoes for travel—no matter what kind of terrain you’ll be exploring.

Best Casual Sneaker: Allbirds Wool Runner

The Allbirds Wool Runner is the best travel shoe for men and women. The wool and merino blend feels just like your favorite pair of socks, but they’re comfortable enough to wear all day. They come in more than a dozen different colors, so you can find the perfect match for any outfit. These shoes are also great for wearing in airports and on planes because they’re easy to slip on and off when you need to go through security or get off at your destination.

These sneakers are very lightweight (less than 10 oz), which makes them ideal for long-haul flights that have strict baggage limits. They come in both low-top and high-top versions, so you can choose what works best depending on how much cushioning you want underfoot while traveling by air or land!

Best Comfortable Flat: Everlane Day Glove Flat

The Everlane Day Glove Flat is the most comfortable flat we’ve ever worn. The shoe is made from leather and suede so it has a sturdy feel but also looks good with dressier outfits. Plus, this shoe comes in black, brown, and white—a color for any occasion!

The Day Glove Flat comes in sizes 5-11 and a half sizes (5.5-8), making this shoe one of the most versatile options for travel walking shoes on our list. You can easily wear these flats with your skinny jeans or leggings at home or during travel days when you want something low-key but still cute to wear.

If you’re looking for something more casual than heels but still want to look put together while traveling this summer then these are the shoes for you!

Best Sandal With Arch Support: Olukai Upena Sandal

If you’re looking for the best travel walking sandal with arch support, the Olukai Upena Sandal should be at the top of your list. This shoe is so comfortable and supportive that you’ll forget that it’s on your feet!

It has a high-quality construction and design, making it perfect for all kinds of activities like walking, running, hiking, and more. It’s also great in water because of its rubber construction which means you can wear them while swimming or paddle boarding with ease!

Best Leather Sneaker: Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

This sneaker can be worn for any occasion and will keep you comfortable. The leather upper of the shoe is soft and breathable, but it’s also durable. The padded collar, tongue, and footbed offer added comfort while the contoured insole gives you a touch of support. The rubber outsole provides traction with every step, so you won’t slip on slippery surfaces or trail debris.

Best Knit Sneakers: Rothy’s The Sneaker

Rothy’s The Sneaker is the best travel shoe you can buy. These comfortable sneakers are lightweight, supportive, and stylish. They’re also water resistant—so you can wear them in a variety of weather conditions without worrying about getting wet feet.

Rothy’s The Sneaker is excellent for travelers because they’re easy to pack and will come in handy no matter what type of shoe you need for your trip. If you’ve been looking for a versatile option that won’t weigh down your luggage or break the bank (these shoes only cost $100), then this pair is exactly what you need!

Best Espadrilles: Toni Pons Ter Slingback Espadrille Sandal

Espadrilles are the most comfortable summer shoe. They’re also the most stylish, versatile, and durable summer shoes. The only thing you need to do is pick a pair that will last you several seasons so you can wear them again next year!

Best Active Sneaker: Hoka One One Clifton 7 Running Shoe

The Clifton 7 is the best active sneaker for traveling, walking, running, and hiking.

It’s comfortable enough to wear all day and lightweight enough to not weigh you down. Hoka One One also has a wide range of sizes available: these shoes come in men’s 9-14 and women’s 6-11 (with half sizes available). That means there’s no need to worry about having your toes smashed into the front of the shoe or your heel hanging over the back — these will fit just fine.

Best Leather Sandals: Børn Trang Sandal

The Børn Trang Sandal is made of leather and textile and has a rubber sole. It’s got a lace-up closure, so it’s not for the kid who wants to slip on sandals with ease. This one is definitely more for the traditionalist who likes their style classic and no frills. Still, it’s great quality at a reasonable price point—and if you can get past the lace-up closure (and how many times have we all had to put our shoes on?), then it’ll be well worth your money!

Best Summer Travel Shoes: Sperry Soletide Boat Sneakers

If you’re looking for the perfect travel shoe to wear on your next summer trip, look no further than these Sperry Soletide Boat Sneakers. These sneakers are lightweight and made of canvas, so they’ll keep your feet feeling cool and comfortable while also keeping them protected from hot pavement or other dirty surfaces. They’re stylish enough that they won’t look out of place on most casual occasions, but their low profile makes them easy to pack into a suitcase or carry-on bag too. Plus, since they’re so affordable—typically under $75—you can afford to buy three pairs in different colors if you want!

Best Canvas Sneakers: Superga Cotu Sneaker

The Cotu is a great sneaker for summer travel. It’s comfortable, stylish, and has arch support. These shoes are also lightweight and breathable so they’ll keep your feet cool on hot days. They’re also durable enough to withstand some rough terrain while hiking or exploring new places as you travel the world.

The canvas material gives these sneakers a casual look that works well with jeans or chinos—the same goes for shorts during warm weather months (unless you’re heading somewhere cold). The rubber outsole provides traction on slick surfaces like wet rocks or wet grassy areas where water might pool up around your ankles. This makes them especially helpful for hiking trails where there’s a chance of rain showers but not enough time between them to dry out completely before heading back down again!

Best Water Shoes: Sea Star Beachwear Slingback Espadrille

With a rubber sole and an adjustable buckle, these water shoes are extremely comfortable. They’re great for walking on the beach and paddling in the water, but they can also be worn as regular shoes when you’re not doing anything active. The slingback design allows you to adjust how tight or lose your feet fit inside the shoe. This way, even if your feet swell up while you’re out in hot weather or after exercising, there will still be enough room left in them so that they don’t feel too tight.

Best Slip-ons: Toms Alpargata Cupsole

The Toms Alpargata Cupsole is the best travel walking shoe for you if you’re looking for a comfortable, durable pair of slip-ones that are available in a range of colors. The rubber sole is perfect for both kids and adults—and it looks great with dresses, shorts, or jeans. These shoes also look good with leggings and skirts!


While we’ve covered some of the best travel shoes out there, it’s important to remember that each person is different. As you think about which walking shoes will work for your next trip, consider your personal preferences. Do you need a waterproof shoes? Something lightweight? Do you prefer slip-on or laces? Once you know what you’re looking for, then it’ll be much easier to narrow down our picks and find a pair that works well with your lifestyle.


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