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Doulas are trained professionals who provide continuous physical, emotional and informational support to birthing parents. Doulas can be found in many hospitals across the country but what about those who cannot afford it? This is where doulas come in handy! Online doulas are trained professionals who provide support over skype, phone or email and they don’t charge you anything! Lets Find out Best online Doulas.

What is Doula?

Best Online Doulas

Doulas are specially trained women who provide physical, emotional, and informational support to women before, during and after childbirth. Doulas can be with you during your entire pregnancy or just for a few days leading up to your due date. They can also help with breastfeeding and newborn care if you choose. Some doulas provide postpartum care as well by visiting new mothers in their homes for weeks or months after the birth of their child.

There are many reasons why someone might choose a doula over other types of support like friends or family members:

  • Doulas are trained professionals that focus specifically on the needs of pregnant women and new mothers
  • They offer specialized prenatal training courses so they know how best to support expectant moms through each stage of pregnancy and beyond
  • Many doulas offer services such as lactation consulting, postpartum visits at home or in hospital wards

Why Choose a Doula?

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A doula is a non-medical birth assistant who provides physical and emotional support to women before, during, and after childbirth. The word “doula” comes from the ancient Greek word δουλάκια (“domálakia”), meaning “female slave”. While modern doulas are not slaves (at least no longer), they’re still there as a helper of a woman.

Doulas can help women with many things throughout their pregnancies:

Benefits of Online Doulas

online doula

An online doula services can offer you many benefits.

  • Online doulas are available 24/7 and can help you before, during and after your birth. An online doula will help to guide you through the process by providing resources and support over Face-time or over Zoom so that you feel empowered in making choices that are right for you and your baby.
  • Virtual Doulas will not be there in person, but you still get the benefit of having one on one emotional support, their experience and wisdom to walk you through what you are experiencing through a professionally certified online doula.
  • After the birth, an online doula may be able to assist with breastfeeding issues or other concerns such as postpartum depression. They may also provide information on coping with common newborn issues such as colic, reflux, or sleep problems.
  • Online doulas can also assist with postpartum follow ups and baby care tasks such as bathing, diaper changing or burping your baby after feeding time so that both parents have time off from these duties which allows them time together as a couple.

Top 4 Virtual Doulas Website

Online doula services are more affordable, convenient, flexible and reliable. Because they are available at all hours of the day and night (and even on weekends) virtual doulas can also be more accessible to their clients than a traditional in-person doula. They are also more experienced because they have seen many different situations and know what works best in those situations. Go through below given website to have an idea how much doula cost. Before hiring anyone, check whether they have done online postpartum doula training or any reputed online doula certification or not.

The top online doulas websites include:


CAPPA is the World’s Largest Birth Professionals Training Organization. CAPPA is an international certification organization for Doulas, Childbirth Educators and Lactation Educators. Since our foundation in 1998, we have certified thousands of perinatal professionals.


Amy Durham, an experienced Certified Birth Doula serving the Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. metro region. She became a doula in 2015 and have attended over 300 births. Mother Nurture Care is not a big-box doula agency, or an office with a large staff. As a private practice they provide one-on-one intimate support uniquely tailored to your individual needs. You know EXACTLY who your doula will be on the big day!  No on call schedules or rotations there, or wondering which person from a group practice will show up during one of your most vulnerable times. They provide, One on one support throughout your pregnancy. They will build a connection together over several months time, fostering trust, comfort together, and communication.


This site was developed to help expectant families quickly and efficiently find doulas who are available during their due dates. It’s also a great place to get a baseline understanding of each doula’s training, certification, and experience levels. Currently DoulaMatch only lists doulas in the US and Canada. was created by Kim James, a certified doula, doula trainer, and childbirth educator in Seattle, Washington and her husband Pat. Please contact us with your suggestions for improvement, additions to the certifications and qualifications section, or with any questions or concerns. They really have good virtual doula support.


Serving families with diverse backgrounds and values since 2014, they offer individualized care for each client. They are two of the most experienced doulas serving Orange County families! From classes during pregnancy, to continuous labor support during birth, to in-home care and support after baby arrives, they tailor their offerings to each family to help meet their unique needs. They believe EVERYONE deserves compassionate, informative, non-judgmental support through the life-changing journey of becoming a parent!

Online doulas can help you in many ways

Online Support

Virtual doulas can help you with your pregnancy, birth and baby.

If you are pregnant, birth with doula service can support you on your journey through the process of childbirth. The support of a doula is particularly important in the first stage of labor when women are most likely to require assistance from their care providers. A doula is trained to provide hands-on assistance during the early stages of labor and can help provide comfort by offering suggestions on positions for mothers-to-be or helping them move around.

A professional also offers emotional support during this time as there may be times when they feel overwhelmed or unsure about what’s happening inside their body while in labor.

A professional doula also plays an important role after delivery when new parents need someone who understands what they’re going through both physically and emotionally so that they don’t feel alone in this new experience because everything seems overwhelming at times especially if something goes wrong which sometimes happens when it comes down to human nature vs nature itself (women go through many changes during their cycles).


We hope that this article has given you a better idea of how an online doulas can help you and your family during the birth process. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of having one, contact us today at

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