What Is Greenguard Gold Certification and Why Is It Important

What Is Greenguard Gold Certification and Why Is It Important

Greenguard Gold is a certification program for indoor air quality. It’s the most trusted name in the industry, and it means that your home is safe for you and your family.

It’s important because indoor air pollution can be caused by many different things, from pesticides used in your yard to chemicals in cleaning products. Greenguard Gold helps you know what you’re exposed to in your home, so you can make decisions about how to protect yourself and your family.

These standards help to ensure that your home is a healthier place to live and work, with fewer harmful chemicals in the air you breathe every day.

About Greenguard Gold

What Is Greenguard Gold Certification and Why Is It Important

Greenguard Gold is an internationally recognized certification for products that meet the highest standards for indoor air quality. It’s a voluntary program that tests and certifies products for their impact on human health and the environment, with a focus on chemicals and emissions from new materials. The program has been around since the 1990s and was created by the Technical Green Guard Committee, which is a part of the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) International.

Products are tested at independent laboratories to ensure they fall within acceptable limits for volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and other regulated compounds. If a product passes these tests, it receives Greenguard certification. Greenguard Gold is an international standard for indoor air quality that focuses on volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which can be found in paints, sealants, adhesives, carpets, furnishings, and other building materials. VOCs include formaldehyde (which is also used as a preservative), benzene (found in gasoline), and styrene (found in polystyrene).

Why is it important

Greenguard Gold is an environmentally friendly certification program. It’s one of the only third-party certifications that actually measures and verifies the effectiveness of a product’s performance in reducing formaldehyde emissions. Well, for starters, it means that you can be sure that your furniture is safe for your family and your pets! But there are other reasons to love Greenguard Gold.

First, it’s easy to use. Simply look for the seal on the product packaging or online listing—and know that you’re getting a great product that’s safe for everyone in your home.

Second, it doesn’t cost anything extra to buy furniture with this certification. So if something seems expensive but comes with Greenguard Gold certification, then it probably is worth its price tag.

And finally, it means that furniture manufacturers have made an investment in creating products that are safe for people and the environment—which means they’ll be around longer than other brands might be. This certification is important because it helps keep people safe from harmful chemicals, which can cause respiratory issues, headaches, allergies, irritations, and more. It’s also great for the environment because it reduces waste by using less energy than other types of construction materials would require.

Benefits of Greenguard gold

Greenguard Gold is a certification program, managed by the Greenguard Environmental Institute, that sets standards for indoor air quality. The certification is awarded to products that meet Greenguard’s stringent requirements for low emissions and low chemical emissions from building materials, furnishings, and other products.

The benefits of Greenguard Gold include:

  1. A healthier environment for you and your family
  2. Reduced risk of respiratory problems due to poor air quality
  3. Better indoor air quality overall

Difference between Greenguard and Greenguard gold

Greenguard and Greenguard gold are both certifications that ensure your home is safe for you, your family, and the environment. But they’re not the same thing.

Greenguard is a certification program that ensures that a product is made from safe materials and has been tested for emissions. It’s important to consider the health of your family, pets, and home when looking for new products. Greenguard is a certification that ensures your home has low levels of certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These VOCs can be found in materials like paint, glue, carpeting, and furniture. They can cause headaches, nausea, dizziness, and respiratory problems if they’re present in large amounts. It emits 500 μg/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter of air) total VOC.

Greenguard Gold products have been tested by third-party laboratories to ensure they are free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), formaldehyde, phthalates, and other harmful substances. Greenguard Gold is the highest level of certification available through the Greenguard program. The Gold standard means that a product has undergone extensive testing and meets high standards for indoor air quality. Greenguard gold emits 220 μg/m3 (micrograms per cubic meter of air) total VOC. They have also been tested for off-gassing to ensure they do not release any toxic chemicals over time. In addition to these tests, Greenguard Gold products must also meet strict performance requirements when used in homes with kids and pets.


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