What Is An Ego Death And How Do I Have One

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An ego death can be a scary thing. It’s like your sense of self is slipping away, and even though you know it will return, it’s still terrifying not to have it around. What causes ego death? How do we get over the fear of ego death? And why would we want to experience it in the first place? These are just a few of the questions we’ll answer today, so stay tuned!

What Is An Ego Death

An ego death is the feeling of losing control, or self. It’s a psychological experience that can be both positive and negative. Many mystical traditions have stories about this phenomenon and consider it to be an essential part of spiritual growth.

In general, the term “ego” means your sense of self — how you see yourself in relation to the world around you. When someone dies, their physical body stops functioning on a molecular level; but what about our minds? Does something continue after death? Is there any proof we survive apart from our bodies?

Many philosophers have speculated as such throughout history; some even suggest that it’s possible for us to live forever by continuing our consciousness after physical death (similarly to how people today upload their consciousnesses onto virtual worlds). This is what philosopher Rene Descartes meant when he said “I think therefore I am,” which obviously implies that while alive there must exist some kind of conscious being who thinks—but what happens when thinking ceases? If anything survives after death then perhaps this could be considered as evidence for immortality because then something exists despite not having any form or shape anymore –reminiscent of Plato’s ideal Forms where ideas are eternal while objects are temporary manifestations thereof.”

The Root Of Ego Death

Ego death is a feeling of losing control over your ego and identity. It’s an experience that can be described as “losing yourself” in which you feel as if you are no longer in control of all the decisions you make, or how others perceive you.

Ego death is also known as self-surrendering or surrendering to something greater than yourself. When this happens, it frees up space for other things to enter into your life. This shift allows room for new perspectives and ideas to take root in your mind, so that when ego death does occur, there is no fear because it has already been experienced before hand—and thus nothing stands between one’s self and their true nature anymore!

Developing Your Ego Power

You can develop your ego power by making time for regular meditation sessions. The purpose of meditation is to quiet the mind, but it can also help you see through the illusion of ego.

By practicing yoga, you can strengthen your body and mind so that they work together more effectively than ever before. It’s important to practice yoga on a regular basis in order for it to be effective in helping you understand who you truly are.

Tai chi is another great way to develop your sense of self-awareness because it teaches mindfulness through movement and breathing techniques that help calm excessive thoughts or feelings that arise due to high stress levels over time (which are often related to having an inflated ego). Chi Kung is similar in many ways but uses different movements instead – these movements have been shown scientifically as being able to improve overall health while reducing stress levels at home after work hours too!

To summarize: if we want something badly enough then there’s always something out there waiting just around corner somewhere closer than one might think so long as we don’t give up hope too soon.”

Defeat Your Ego

In order to have an ego death, you must first defeat your ego. But how do you defeat your ego?

First, make sure that you are controlling and dissolving it at all times. If not, then the best way to control your ego is by meditating every day for an hour or so (even if it’s just sitting quietly in a chair with eyes closed). If this is not enough, then try doing more advanced meditation techniques such as “vegetative” meditations where one sits in a dark room with eyes closed while imagining themselves as plants growing around them or “cosmic” meditations where one imagines themselves as part of the cosmos (for example: being among stars). Finally, if none of these work for you then I recommend using hypnosis on yourself because hypnosis can help dissolve anything from anxiety about public speaking all the way up through depression!

Control My Ego

As you can see, control your ego. Don’t let your ego control you. If someone is trying to get in the way of your goals or relationships, don’t let them do it on behalf of their ego. It’s important that we all work together to avoid letting our egos get in the way of things because when we allow our egos to take over, then things start going downhill quickly.

Everyone experiences ego death at some points in their lives.

Everyone experiences ego death at some points in their lives.

Ego death is not:

  • Death of the ego, as it’s commonly mistaken for.
  • Ego loss, which is a temporary loss of self-identity but also includes intense feelings of unity with other people or things.
  • Ego dissolution, which involves losing one’s sense of self entirely while still retaining consciousness and memory of one’s identity.
  • Ego disintegration is when your ego “shatters” into pieces and becomes scattered across time and space—and sometimes even across dimensions!


Ego death is a very important part of the spiritual journey. It is an intense experience that can be scary, liberating and healing. It can feel very empowering and enlightening as well. There are many ways to achieve ego death, but it’s important to remember that this may not be something you want right away or even at all! You may find yourself on your spiritual path without having an interest in ego death at all; however, if you do want it then there are ways to achieve it such as meditation practice or through psychedelics or even by simply living your life with gratitude and appreciation for everything around you.

This article has been written by Tom Fawcett who has been studying spirituality since 2010 when he found himself questioning many things like “Who am I? Why am I here?” His search led him down paths such as shamanism, ayahuasca (psychedelic medicine), buddhism & mindfulness but ultimately he found himself within Christianity where he now practices prayer daily along with reading from different scriptures regularly such as The Bible & The Book Of Mormon (LDS).

In short, an ego death is a part of life. It is the dismantling of your old beliefs and ideas about yourself and the world, in order to make room for new ones. To have an ego death requires humility and strength. When we think about the ego, we should remember that it’s not our fault if we get stuck in it, because it’s human nature to be self-absorbed at times. However, when this happens, let us try to remind ourselves that there is more to life than just ourselves—that our friends may need us as well—and then take steps to overcome our egos by valuing others over ourselves.


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