Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight
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Free Wi-Fi

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

  • Free Wi-Fi is available in most planes, so you don’t have to worry about using your data. You can use it to catch up on social media, emails and watch movies.
  • Some airlines may not offer free Wi-Fi for their passengers however, so make sure that you check the airline before booking a flight with them.

Travel Pillow

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

If you have booked a long route flight, then you will definitely need some sort of comfort to help you sleep during the journey. The best sleeping gear that can help in this situation is travel pillows. These pillows are not expensive and they are also very useful when it comes to sleeping on long journeys. In fact, they have been proven to be very effective in reducing neck pain as well as back aches as well because of their softness, which helps in relaxing the muscles around your neck and spine area. Travel pillows are small enough such that it can fit into any bag without any problems at all like other bulky materials do not offer such convenience at all times when travelling by air or by road for that matter.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

Noise cancelling headphones are a must for long-haul flights. They help you sleep better by effectively drowning out the sound of the engines, as well as providing good quality music to listen to. If you’ve never used them before, do yourself a favour and invest in a decent pair! Once you’ve experienced their magic, there will be no going back!

Charger Adapter and Power Bank

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

You might be surprised to hear that most airlines don’t actually provide power outlets for passengers to charge their phones or laptops. Instead, you can bring your own charger adapter and power bank. These two items are a must-have for long-haul flights.

  • Charger Adapter: If you plan on using your laptop during the flight, it’s probably best to bring along an adapter as well. You may need both a 3-prong adapter (if you have an older laptop) and a 2-pronged device (if yours is newer).
  • Power Bank: Of course, if you prefer reading on your phone over working on a computer during your flight—or simply need more juice throughout the day—then bringing along a portable charger may be in order! This can help keep all of your devices charged while en route. Just make sure they’re fully charged before boarding so as not waste any precious battery life during takeoff and landing periods when use of electronic devices is prohibited by most airlines due to safety regulations.”

An assortment of magazines

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

Magazines are an effective way to pass time on a long flight. The magazines contain many interesting articles about people, places and things. They are also useful for recycling because they can be made into paper bags or pencils when you finish reading them. Magazines can be entertaining, informative and relaxing so they’re great for travelling too!

A book or two (or three)

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

Whether you’re traveling by plane or train, it’s a good idea to download some books onto your e-reader ahead of time. This way, when you get bored during the flight or ride and need something new to read, the book will be right there waiting for you on your device. If possible, remember to bring along your e-reader or tablet so that you can easily access any new titles while in transit. Keep in mind that downloading too many titles could slow down your device as well as cause storage issues, so try not to go overboard with this step!

Another option for keeping yourself entertained during long journeys is bringing several books at once: even though there may be limits on how much luggage one can take with them on their journey (especially when flying), having access to more than one book allows passengers flexibility if they finish reading one quickly (or if they don’t like it).

Entertainment System Built Into Your Seat

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

Many airlines have built-in entertainment systems for you to pass the time during your long flight. This is a great way to get entertained and pass the time, especially if you’re flying alone or with someone who is not very talkative. The majority of airlines offer these types of in-flight entertainment options, so most people will have access to them when they fly.

Some airlines charge for this service; therefore, it’s important to check whether or not it’s available before purchasing your ticket. Some airlines offer free Internet access while others don’t (and instead charge extra), so be sure you know which type of service they provide before booking your flight! If there is no streaming media available on board, then consider bringing along some books, magazines or headphones so that at least one person in each party gets some reading done during those long flights!

Download Movies and TV Shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu.

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

You can also download movies and TV shows from Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu.

If you are a fan of movies and TV shows, then getting a subscription to one of these services is definitely worth it. It will allow you to catch up on new episodes without having to wait for them air on television. You can also watch your favorite shows whenever you want on your device instead of waiting until they are available online later in the day or week.

Bring your Any Bluetooth Earphones or Headphones

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

If you’re someone like me, who doesn’t like to listen to music or watch videos on a tiny phone screen for an extended period of time, then bluetooth headphones are the perfect solution.

If you want to know how to use bluetooth headphones or why they’re better than wired ones, I’ll be happy to explain.

First off, let’s talk about how Bluetooth works with your device and how it connects with other devices: making them wireless (no wires needed)! It’s all very simple: once you have the devices paired together in a specific order (such as Headphones-Phone), then any time after that whenever those two items are near each other they will automatically connect without needing another step done on your end (like typing in codes). This means no more plugging things into each other and unplugging them later! The best part is that once connected there is no limit as long as they are within range; which means going up and down stairs without losing signal between yourself and whatever else might need connecting through Bluetooth which means having more freedom when moving around while still listening/watching whatever content needs watching/listening too! And speaking from experience here – having some music playing while walking downstairs during takeoff or landing helps me relax before takeoff/landing begins… so yes it does work wonderfully well 🙂

Get a DVT Compression Leg Wrap for In-Flight Comfort.

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

A DVT Compression Leg Wrap is a compression stocking that helps to maintain circulation and reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis. It can also help with pain, swelling and restless leg syndrome.

The DVT Compression Leg Wrap has been designed to fit easily into your travel luggage so you can bring it on board with you when you fly. This way, if you feel uncomfortable on the plane, you have something that can help make things more comfortable.

This DVT Compression Leg Wrap comes in three sizes: small (fits shoe size from 4–6), medium (fits shoe size from 6–8), large (fits shoe size from 8+). To ensure correct sizing and fit of your wickable air travel socks please refer to our Size Chart above before ordering!

You can also download Apps to catch up on TV shows you missed.

Tips to be Entertained in long route flight

You can also download apps to catch up on TV shows you missed.

  • Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu have thousands of episodes of popular TV shows and movies. Some airlines offer the services as part of their in-flight entertainment systems, so you might be able to watch them for free if they are available.
  • If you don’t want to wait until you get home, you can also download a TV show app with your subscription (like Netflix), then sync it with your phone and use it while in flight. You could even use a device like Chromecast or Apple TV which allow users who are connected to the internet on their devices but don’t have an internet connection from their phone (e.g., because the wifi is broken). Note that these options require extra steps compared to just turning on the airplane’s entertainment system (because there’s no way for this system).

Free Wi-Fi is the best entertainment you can get when on a long route flight.

If you are on a long route flight and need some entertainment, then free Wi-Fi is the best option. You can use your laptop or tablet to search for something to watch or play games or even write an article for this site!

To make the most out of your in-flight Wi-Fi, pick your device carefully:

  • If you plan on doing work during your trip, make sure it has enough storage space for all of your documents and files.
  • Pick a device that is easy to use with one hand so you can hold onto whatever snack tray food comes with your airline ticket (if any).
  • Look for devices that have good battery life so that they don’t die when there’s no power outlet available (although those tend not to be very common).
  • Some airlines provide USB ports where you can charge these devices while flying, but this isn’t always guaranteed by all carriers. Check beforehand if there will be any available charging stations at all!



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