Side effects of aluminum in deodorant

Side effects of aluminum in deodorant

The deodorant you use can either make you stink or help you smell great. There are many different types of deodorants, but the most popular is aluminum based.

This type of product has been used for years and has demonstrated effectiveness in fighting body odour. However, there is some controversy surrounding its safety. We’ll take a look at some of the benefits and also find out if aluminum in deodorant bad for your health.

Breast cancer

Side effects of aluminum in deodorant

While some studies have found that aluminum can cause breast cancer, the majority of research indicates that it doesn’t. This isn’t a reason to go back to your old perfume in the name of safety.

In fact, if you’re already using one of these natural alternatives and you’ve been doing so for years with no negative side effects (or none that you’ve noticed), then there’s no need for alarm. However, women who are particularly concerned about their personal health or are at risk for breast cancer should consider switching their brand—just as they would any other product that contains chemicals linked to this disease.

Kidney disease

kidney disease

Kidney disease, in which the kidneys fail to remove waste products from the blood, is a serious condition that can lead to death. Aluminum is bad for you in deodorant as its a heavy metal and therefore is toxic.

Heavy metals can cause kidney disease. Aluminum is a common additive used in deodorants and antiperspirants due to its ability to help block sweat glands—a desirable trait when it comes to these products.

However, this same ability may increase your risk for kidney disease if you have abnormally high levels of aluminum in your system for long periods of time (which may be possible if you use antiperspirants or deodorants regularly).

Bone disease


As mentioned previously, aluminum causes a breakdown of calcium in the body. This means that people with osteomalacia (a bone disease caused by the lack of calcium and vitamin D) do not get the same benefits from using antiperspirants as healthy individuals do.

A study published in International Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism found that people with osteomalacia who used antiperspirants experienced an increase in their serum aluminum levels because they had higher total sweat output than healthy subjects. The authors suggest that this could be due to an increased amount of aluminum absorption through the skin after sweating or because sweating itself has been shown to increase absorption through pores or damaged areas such as small cuts on hands and fingers.

Memory disorders

memory disorder

Aluminum has been linked to a variety of memory-related problems, which include Alzheimer’s disease, cognitive decline and dementia. In fact, one study found that individuals with higher levels of aluminum had significantly more cognitive impairment than those who tested with lower levels.

In addition to these serious health concerns, it should be noted that some studies have also linked aluminum to forgetfulness or confusion. Researchers believe this may be due to an impaired ability to process new information in the brain. As such, individuals who experience memory loss related directly or indirectly from aluminum may experience difficulty taking in new information as well.

Why doesn’t aluminum-free deodorant work?

It is an excellent way to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing on your armpits and causing bad body smells. Deodorants containing aluminum act quickly. They block the pores from which we sweat.

Natural and aluminum-free deodorants are effective; but do not last as much as aluminum-based lasts. Still, It may be worth a try if you’re interested to get a practical idea about the pros and cons of aluminum-free versions.


To conclude, what’s wrong with aluminum in deodorant? We found that on one hand, it can be an excellent way to prevent odor-causing bacteria from growing on your armpits and causing bad body smells. On the other hand, there is evidence that this chemical may cause health problems for people who use these products regularly over long periods of time.


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