Shroom Chocolate

Shroom Chocolate

Shroom chocolate is a popular edible that has been around for decades. It’s made by combining cocoa powder and psilocybin mushrooms, which are psychoactive fungi that can induce euphoria, hallucinations or other sensory changes. Shroom chocolate is thought to have originated in Mexico in the 1960s. In recent years, it has increased in popularity due to its unique taste and effects on the brain.


Shroom Chocolate

Shrooms are a type of fungus. They contain psilocybin, a psychedelic substance that causes hallucinations and feelings of euphoria, although these effects vary from person to person and depend on the amount consumed (which can range from 1-6 grams). The most common form is dried shroom powder, which is often mixed with chocolate or other substances in order to mask its bitter taste.

In many countries they are illegal due to the fact that they contain psilocybin; however, there have been some cases where people have used them for medical purposes. However, this practice isn’t widespread because it hasn’t been thoroughly researched yet so we don’t know much about its effects on humans or animals as well as how safe/dangerous it would be if consumed regularly over time (although there haven’t been any reports yet).


Shroom Chocolate bars

Mushroom chocolate is a confection that has been around since the early 2000s. It’s made by mixing dried mushrooms into cocoa powder and other ingredients, then molding it into bars.

This confection is perfect for anyone who wants to take their love of mushrooms to new heights, or anyone who simply enjoys eating delicious treats made with natural ingredients.


Shroom chocolates, while they sound like an interesting combination, have actually been around for a while. They were first introduced to the world in the year 1882 as part of a chocolate bar that was sold as “Shroom Chocolate”. According to Wikipedia, this candy bar was available in both milk and dark varieties (which is how we know that shrooms are delicious beyond all measure). The popularity of these chocolate bars caused them to become commercially produced by many other companies and distributed widely across Europe and America.

However, there was one major problem: people who ate these candies quickly found out that they did not actually contain any mushrooms at all! This caused quite a stir among consumers who had expected something different from what they got. The company behind Shroom Chocolates responded by releasing another version of their product which did indeed contain actual fungi along with cocoa solids (the ingredient responsible for giving chocolate its characteristic flavor). After several years of success with this new formula–during which time many different kinds of mushroom were used–a particular type called agaricus bisporus became especially popular due to its fruity taste compared with other types.


how to make shroom chocolates

To make shroom chocolate, you’ll need:

  • a blender
  • some mushrooms (I used psilocybe cubensis)
  • dried dark chocolate (cacao) powder
  • water or almond milk (optional)

Simply blend your cocoa powder and dried mushrooms in a high-speed blender until you have a smooth paste. Add water or nut milk to thin it out if needed.


mushroom hot chocolate

Shroom chocolate is a good source of iron. Iron helps your blood cells carry oxygen through your body. Without enough iron, you can feel tired and weak, and you might get anemia (a condition in which your red blood cells don’t work well). Eating foods high in iron may help prevent anemia. Shroom chocolate contains 1 milligram of iron per serving size (17 grams), which is 10% of the recommended daily value for adults aged 19-50 years old.

Shroom chocolate also contains vitamin B6 and magnesium to help maintain a healthy nervous system and reduce tiredness and fatigue due to stress or illness.*


Side effects are not serious. They’re also not common. And they don’t last long. And they aren’t permanent, or dangerous, or harmful either—they’re just minor nuisances that you’ll get over in no time at all!

As with any drug, it’s possible to experience a bad trip on shroom chocolate, but that’s rare and usually only happens if you’ve eaten too much chocolate in general (not just shroom chocolate). That said, I’d recommend starting out with just one piece of shroom-infused dark chocolate at first and then increase your dosage as needed until your desired effect is achieved.


The benefits of shroom chocolate bars are numerous including increased energy levels, improved focus and concentration, stress relief, and reduced anxiety. It can also help boost your immune system, lower blood pressure levels, improve heart health by lowering cholesterol levels in the body and even fight cancer cells with its anti-inflammatory properties. While not all chocolate has these properties, shroom chocolates are an excellent choice for anyone looking for a healthy snack or dessert option that doesn’t contain any added sugar or artificial flavors.


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