Why You Should Must Visit Mykonos Paradise Beach

Mykonos Paradise Beach

Mykonos is a Greek island in the Aegean Sea. Mykonos Town and Mykonos Paradise Beach are very popular among tourists, who come for its beaches, cafes and nightlife. Its also termed at Mykonos Little Venice. Mykonos luxury hotels and Mykonos Villas are very popular among rich and elite class of people from all over the world.

History of Mykonos

Mykonos Little venice

The history of Mykonos is a long and rich one that dates back many thousands of years. It is believed that the island was first inhabited by the Dorians, who arrived around 1100 BC. Around 700 BC, Mykonos was taken over by the Ionians, who left behind many ruins of their civilization.

In 480 BC, Mykonos was conquered by the Persians but later fell under the control of Alexander the Great in 333 BC. After his death in 323 BC it fell under the rule of Ptolemy I Soter (one of Alexander’s generals) and remained part of his kingdom until 190 BC when it became part of Rome’s sphere of influence. Mykonos continued to be an important trading center during this period and its inhabitants developed strong ties with Athens and Corinth.

Mykonos suffered from earthquakes in 62 AD and again in 424 AD which destroyed many buildings including an ancient temple dedicated to Poseidon. In 731 AD Arabs invaded Mykonos but were defeated by local forces led by Eustathios Nomikos with help from Rhodes. The island remained under Byzantine rule until 1460 when it was conquered by Turks who ruled until 1669 when they were driven out by Venetians.

Mykonos is very popular among visitors from all over the world.

Mykonos is the most popular tourist island in Greece, with about 2 million visitors each year. It’s also one of the most visited islands in Europe, along with Ibiza and Majorca.

Mykonos Paradise Beach is a popular tourist destination for people from all over the world. Many travelers choose to spend their time on this beautiful Greek island for its beaches and Mykonos luxury hotels for nightlife.

Mykonos famous beaches – Elia and Paradise.

Mykonos Paradise Beach

Mykonos Paradise Beach is a beach that has been awarded the Blue Flag for its commitment to cleanliness, safety and environmental awareness. The beach was named Paradise Beach due to its white sand and clear waters. Mykonos beach boasts a range of water sports and activities including snorkelling, windsurfing, jet skiing and scuba diving. The beach is also home to several restaurants and cafes that provide guests with an array of dining options ranging from traditional Greek cuisine to international dishes.

Mykonos Elia Beach is a beautiful beach on the island of Mykonos that offers crystal clear waters and white sand. It’s also a great place to enjoy some of the best windsurfing in Greece.


Mykonos Elia Beach is known for its secluded location, which makes it one of the best beaches for people seeking peace and quiet. People may have to walk a short distance from their hotel or car to reach this beach, but the walk will be worth it: they’ll find themselves surrounded by lush greenery, with only the sound of waves crashing on the shore to break up your peace.

The water at Mykonos Elia Beach is shallow enough for children and adults alike, so people can spend all day splashing around without worrying about getting too deep or getting stuck somewhere where they shouldn’t be. The sand itself is white and soft, making it easy on their feet when they’re walking through it barefoot.

If you’re looking for an adventure while visiting Mykonos Elia Beach, consider renting a windsurfer! Windsurfing is one of the most popular activities in Mykonos because there are few other places in Greece where you get such consistent winds—and once you’ve mastered

Mykonos beaches are a big part of the island and they are very popular with visitors. They’re a great place to relax and swim, but they have lots of facilities too: restaurants, cafes, bars…

Why Visit Mykonos

Mykonos is one of the most popular islands among travelers, and it’s easy to see why. It has a stunning coast line, great beaches, and fantastic restaurants. But did you know that there are plenty of other things to do in Mykonos? Here are some of my favorite things to do while visiting:

Explore the Island on Your Own

Mykonos is a popular destination for tourists of all ages and backgrounds. The island is known as a party destination, but it also attracts families and couples in search of relaxation or romance. Solo travelers may be drawn to the island’s beauty, which can be seen in its enchanting architecture, breathtaking beaches and lush natural surroundings. Mykonos is also very popular among honeymooners because of its romantic setting at various Mykonos Villas; some couples choose to stay here for their entire honeymoon trip after visiting other Greek islands such as Santorini or Rhodes or at Mykonos luxury hotels.

Go to Mykonos Town & Ano Mera

Mykonos Villas

Mykonos Town is the capital of the island and where most tourists stay. It’s a great place to shop, eat and party. The town is full of restaurants and shops selling everything from souvenirs to clothing. If someone wants to go out at night, there are many bars and clubs open until late at night for him to enjoy himself. The town also has some beautiful beaches that everyone should visit if they have time during their trip! Mykonos Little Venice – the term is also an attraction for the tourist.

Ano Mera is the second largest town on the island but it’s not as touristy as Mykonos Town so it has more of a local feel than other areas do! There are plenty of nice sites here including churches like Panagia Paraportiani Church which has some elaborate icons inside or Agios Nikolaos Kastrioti Church which has some beautiful chandeliers hanging above its altar area

Chill at Beaches

Mykonos Paradise beach and Super Paradise are two of Mykonos’ most popular beaches, and they’re both located on the north side of the island. Paradise Beach is a little more secluded than Super One (it’s located just outside of town), but it also has less shade. If you want to be surrounded by palm trees and people, then head to Super Paradise for its famous crowd scene. Both beaches have nice sand and shallow waters that are great for swimming in during summer; both offer plenty of facilities like restaurants and bars so you can grab some food or drinks after a day at the beach.

Take a Dip at Psarou Beach

Psarou Beach is a sandy beach on the south coast of Mykonos, situated between Ayios Stefanos and Agios Ioannis. It is a popular beach for people who want to enjoy the sun and swim. The sand is white, while the sea water is crystal clear and shallow. There are sunbeds and umbrellas for rent near Psarou Beach, as well as bars and restaurants that serve snacks, lunch, or dinner options.

Party at Cavo Paradiso and Tropicana Beach Club

Mykonos luxury hotels

Late-night parties at Mykonos luxury hotels and several Mykonos Villas are amazing.

  • Cavo Paradiso

Located at Ano Mera, Cavo Paradiso is a nightclub that is open from 12 am to 6 am. It has a young crowd and the DJs play all types of music, including techno and house music. The club offers different promotions throughout the week so be sure to check out their website for more information.

  • Tropicana Beach Club

A great place to party on Mykonos island is Tropicana Beach Club which is located on Paradise Beach near Ornos (20 minutes away from town). They have DJ sets throughout the summer season with happy hours every Friday night until 1 am!

Beaches of the South Coast

The beaches of the South Coast are wonderful, but not all of them are created equal. If you’re looking for a beach where you can swim and jump in the water, then head over to Tourlos Beach or Elia Beach. Both have clear blue water and plenty of space for children to play.

The beaches on Paradise Beach and Super Paradise Beach both have sand that is great for sunbathing since it isn’t too coarse or sharp. They also have plenty of shade under trees if you want some respite from the sun’s rays (although don’t forget your sunscreen!). Paradise has been named one of Greece’s “Most Beautiful Beaches” by National Geographic Traveler Magazine three times!

If you’re looking for something more secluded, then visit Plaka Beach which is located at the end of a path away from any street traffic noise or shops. It’s perfect if you want peace while still having easy access to restaurants nearby!

Scuba Dive and Snorkel in the Aegean Sea

If you are a scuba diver or snorkeler, the Aegean Sea is a great place to visit. The waters around Mykonos are home to diverse marine life and many amazing dive sites. This area has been a popular diving destination since the 1960s when it gained popularity as one of the best places in Europe for underwater exploration.

The Greek islands of Mykonos, Crete, and Santorini house some of the most beautiful and picturesque dive sites in Europe. The Aegean Sea has been declared an official Marine Protected Area (MPA) by UNESCO due to its diversity of marine life including over 700 fish species!

Traditional and Fusion Cuisine in Mykonos Town

Mykonos luxury hotels

  • Traditional Greek food
  • Fusion Food

Mykonos is famous for its food, and you’ll find a wide range of traditional Greek dishes and fusion cuisine in the town of Mykonos. Some great places to try include:

  • Restaurants in Mykonos Town (some of the best restaurants are located near Plateia Aliki):
  • Agni Restaurant – classic Greek dishes with a twist like octopus salad with eggplant puree, grilled sardines with capers, housemade pita bread; main courses €10-20 per person (includes starter/main course/dessert)
  • Old Port Taverna – seafood restaurant on the edge of town overlooking Little Venice; try grilled sardines or swordfish carpaccio with guacamole; mains €15-30 per person (includes starter/main course/dessert)
  • Epitome Restaurant & Bar – seafood restaurant next door to Old Port Taverna that’s loved by locals as well as tourists; known for its fresh fish platters at lunchtime (€8-15). There’s also a small menu available in English if you’re looking for something more than just mezedes but don’t want full meals.

When to Visit Mykonos

Mykonos is an island in the Cyclades, and it’s famous for its hot, sunny weather and beautiful beaches. The island attracts thousands of tourists every year, but when should you book your trip?

Here are the best times to visit Mykonos:

Spring: March-May is perfect months to visit Mykonos. Temperatures are mild and comfortable, but there are still plenty of sunny days. This is a great time to enjoy the beaches without having to worry about getting burnt from too much sun exposure.

Summer: July-September has higher temperatures than spring or fall, so be sure to bring some sunscreen! You’ll also want to plan your days around the heat by going out at night or early in the morning before it gets too hot out.

Fall: September-November is a great time to go because it’s still warm enough outside while being comfortable inside with air conditioning setups in hotels and restaurants throughout Mykon.

Mykonos Little Venice

Mykonos Little Venice

Mykonos is a small town on the island of Delos. It has been named Mykonos Little Venice because of the Venetian architecture that can be found in the town. The town has been built over water and resembles Venice, Italy. The island also has a large number of windmills and bougainvillea flowers which makes it look like a postcard from paradise. The island is also known for its beautiful beaches and amazing nightlife.

Your trip to Mykonos town will give you an island experience like no other.

Mykonos Paradise Beach

Mykonos is a popular Greek island in the Aegean Sea. It’s known for its sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes, and vibrant nightlife. Known as a party destination, Mykonos offers many events that are open to all ages. You can also find many restaurants located throughout the island serving delicious food at reasonable prices. Mykonos is one of my favorite places to visit because it has everything I need when traveling; great food, lots of things to do and see along with some amazing beaches where you can relax or just enjoy yourself by swimming in clear blue water!


Mykonos Paradise Breach is the ultimate destination for your next holiday. With its great nightlife and beautiful beaches, it’s perfect for singles or couples who want to have fun. Whether your thing is partying, romantic dinners, or relaxing on the beach with a drink in hand, It has something for everyone!

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