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Having the latest home decor accessories can truly complete your space and make it feel like you’re living in a different era. For example, having antique drapes and curtains will really give off a vintage vibe. You can also look for cheaper alternatives to recreate that vibe without breaking the bank.


Lilac is a soft purple color and it’s one of the most popular colors in interior design right now. It’s great for bedrooms and works well with neutral-colored furniture. Lilac can also be used in home decorating, so if you have a lilac themed room, try adding some of these accessories:

  • Lighting: Try adding some lilac lights to your living room or bedroom! They’ll look beautiful during the day and night
  • Throw Pillow Cover: Add a lilac throw pillow cover on top of your bedding to add some extra flair! You can even use this as an accent piece on your couch or chair by tucking it under the cushioning
  • Candle Holder: This would look lovely as part of any arrangement because it has an open bottom which will allow light from candles (or other things) inside outwards through its glass walls

Flowing shapes (pink, orchid pink)

The flowing shapes trend is in, and we absolutely love it. A great way to bring this look into your home is by adding some orchid pink accessories. This color can be used in a variety of rooms, from the living room to the bedroom, and helps create a relaxing atmosphere.

Flowing shapes are another popular trend that works perfectly in conjunction with pink accessories. The shape of the object brings movement into any space, which will help make any area feel more open and airy. You can use these elements for many different rooms throughout your home: try them out in your bathroom, living room or kitchen!

Scalloped shapes

Scalloped shapes are a classic design element that have popped up in recent trends. They can be used on furniture, wallpaper and fabric to add texture to your home. Scalloped shapes add a feminine element to any room and can be used in traditional or modern settings.

Seventies style (orange boho)

Orange is a colour that is trending right now.

It’s also a colour associated with the seventies, which you may have heard of as being an era in American history. The seventies was also known as the “boho” lifestyle, which is why orange accessories are likely to be popular among those who attempt to recreate this look in their homes. Finally, orange accessories are also likely to appeal to people who enjoy the hippie lifestyle since they are often found on hippie clothes and other decorations.


Houseplants are a great way to add colour and life to your home. Whether you’re looking for something small and simple, or something that will really make an impact in your space, there are plenty of options when it comes to houseplants.

If you want some tips for choosing the right plants for your space, we have them here! You can choose plants based on room size or seasonality. For example, if you want something that will fit nicely on a desk or table, try going with one or two smaller plants rather than one large plant—they won’t take up too much room but will still add colour and texture.

Colour blocking

Colour blocking is a design technique that uses bold colour combinations in a room to create impact. Colour blocking was popularized by fashion and interior designers, who used it to make clothing and furniture look more streamlined and modern. It’s an easy way to add style and personality to your space without having to do major renovations or invest in new pieces.

For example, if you have an accent wall in your living room, try painting one or two other walls with complementary colours for a pop of contrast against the main focal point of your space—or vice versa! If you want something more subtle than painting an entire wall, consider adding throw pillows or rugs instead.


Gingham is a pattern that comes from the French word ‘gingan’, which means ‘crane’. It is usually used in clothing, and it consists of alternating colored stripes in either horizontal or vertical directions. The gingham pattern is often associated with the 1970s and has been popularized by several fashion designers like Ralph Lauren, who introduced it into their designs during this era.

In addition to being used as an accessory for clothing, you can also use gingham patterns in your home decor! This versatile pattern is perfect for any room: from kitchens to bedrooms to living rooms, there are so many ways you can incorporate this classic design into any style interior!

Cottagecore cosiness

There’s a cottage-like feel to this particular style that makes it soft, warm, and inviting. It’s not too trendy and yet it doesn’t feel old-fashioned either. The colors are earthy and natural—not too dark or bright—and they’re more likely to be found in the woods than a posh living room. There’s no modernity here (no glass tables or stainless steel appliances), but nor is there any rusticity (no floors made of dirt). This style will never be minimal or formal; instead, it’s cozy and casual with plenty of textures like wool blankets, sheepskin rugs, seagrass mats and woven baskets.


We hope you enjoyed our list of the top home decor accessories trending right now. Don’t forget to add some unique pieces of your own to make your living space uniquely yours. The accessories listed above are just the tip of the iceberg! There are so many more amazing things you can use to make your home beautiful, from framed art and decorative throw pillows to mirrored wall panels, wall decals and much more. If you want more ideas for how to accessorize any room in your house, check out our other articles for great tips on everything from lighting fixtures and cabinets that match your vision perfectly.”


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