Good and Bad Side of an online seller that works from home

site crash
site crash

You don’t have to pay rent, don’t have to pay utilities, and you get to set your own hours. These are just a few of the perks of being an online seller who works mostly from home. On paper, this sounds like the ideal job. But there are downsides too: sometimes it feels lonely, and even if you’ve got a lot going on at home (work or otherwise), you still might end up feeling bored and isolated. In short: it’s not for everyone! Here’s what both sides of working as a successful online seller look like if you’re mostly based at home.

Low Financial Cost

The low financial cost is one of the biggest advantages of an online business. You can save money on a shop, rent, utilities and other costs associated with traditional businesses.

You don’t need to pay employees or shipping costs because you can do everything yourself. You will also not have to pay storage space since all your products are available on the internet.

It doesn’t matter where you live in the world; your customers will be able to order from anywhere as long as there is internet access available in their area.

24/7 Potential Income

It’s no secret that working from home has its perks. You get to sleep in your own bed, wear whatever you want, and eat takeout without feeling guilty about it. But there are also some downsides—like the lack of a regular paycheck and the difficulty of knowing if you’re making enough money to pay rent. If you’re not careful, working from home can mean losing out on much-needed income or even your job entirely if something goes wrong at home—whether it’s an unexpected illness or a broken washing machine.

But when everything goes well? Working from home is amazing! It means having 24/7 potential income with no commute time wasted sitting in traffic or getting dressed up (or being at your desk) just so someone else can look at you all day long as if they were judging how good of an employee you are based solely on whether or not their coffee tastes right that morning – something they will never tell anyone but themselves anyway…

Sell Internationally

One of the biggest benefits to being an online seller is that you can sell internationally. With the internet, we are able to reach customers all over the world. You do not need to be in a big metropolitan area with lots of traffic to make sales; you just need a computer and internet connection!

There are many advantages for your business when you start selling internationally:

  • First, there are more potential buyers than ever before so it’s easier than ever before to find people who want your product.
  • Second, shipping costs can be reduced because there are fewer steps involved when shipping things from one country to another as compared from shipping within your own country/state/province etc., which means less money spent on things like packaging materials (like boxes) or smaller fees associated with sending items through customs agents which may otherwise not be necessary if these were domestic transactions only (e.g., Canada Post vs UPS). This could mean savings up front but also potentially greater savings over time since international orders will cost less overall because they won’t incur those extra charges every single time they ship something outwards overseas instead!

Easy to Showcase Bestsellers

Bestsellers are the products that have the highest demand from customers, and therefore they’re also the most profitable. When you sell something that’s bestseller, it’s likely to be bought by customers because they want it and they’ll share their positive experience with others. You may want to list this information on your product pages, so that potential buyers know what makes them different than other products in your store.

Affordable Employees

One of the best things about working from home is that you can hire employees at lower cost. You can hire employees with less experience, and you can find them in a wider range of locations. Employees are also more likely to have flexible hours and skills because they won’t necessarily be tied down by commuting time or commitments outside of work.

Easier to Encourage Impulse Buy

An online seller has the ability to show their product in action, use and in multiple settings. This can be extremely beneficial for consumers who are interested in seeing how a product functions and performs. For example, if you were looking at purchasing an exercise machine, you would likely want to see how it works and how easy it is to put together before making your decision. By seeing the product being used by someone else you will get an idea of what type of results you could expect from using that item yourself.

In addition, by showing off these items on your site or blog post(s), this can encourage impulse buying because the consumer may not have been aware of these items prior but now has seen them on their website which could lead them into purchasing one just because they like how it looks/feels/etc..

Able to Process a High Number of Orders  

  • You can process a high number of orders.
  • You can process orders more quickly and in bulk. This lets you save time and money, as well as avoid making errors.
  • You can process orders in a more efficient way. This means you will be able to work at your own pace without worrying about missing deadlines or rushing through different tasks, which is common when working from an office environment with other people around you who have different schedules and responsibilities than yours.

No One Can Buy During a Site Crash

While this may not be as much of a problem for larger companies, it can be detrimental for small businesses. If you are an online seller who works from home, and your site crashes, no one can buy from you. This makes it difficult to convert customers into paying customers because they have no way of finding out about or purchasing what you’re selling. You should make sure that your hosting company has regular backups and is able to restore your website quickly in case of any errors or crashes.

Customers Can’t Try Before They Buy

The other side of this is that customers can’t try your products before they buy. This means they have to trust that you are being honest, and it can be a big risk for them. For example, if you sell clothing and the customer has never worn anything made by your company before, then they don’t know what the fabric feels like or how well it will fit them. If something goes wrong in the end (like their order doesn’t fit properly), then there isn’t much recourse for them because there isn’t any way for them to get their money back or get another product from you in exchange for their troubles!

Ecommerce Is Highly Competitive

Ecommerce is highly competitive. The competition is worldwide and you must be aware of it. It’s not just from big brands that you know, but also small ones as well. You will find yourself competing with other online sellers, offline sellers and even other online sellers who promote their own brand and sell products at a lower price than yours!

The good part is that there are still many people who don’t know about ecommerce yet; this gives us an opportunity to grab a customer base before they start doing business themselves.

Customers Can Be Impatient

As an online seller, you will find that your customers can be impatient. They are not in the store with you and they cannot see what goes on behind closed doors. Customers want their products delivered within a certain amount of time, they want quality products and they want good customer service. If any one thing is lacking from this list then it could lead to an unhappy customer who will leave a negative review or simply never buy from your business again!

Shipping Times Can Be Lengthy 

When you buy something online, you expect to wait for a certain period before it arrives at your door. Even if the seller is based in the same city as you, shipping times can be lengthy. This can be frustrating if you are in a hurry to receive your product or simply do not want to wait long periods of time for packages.


If you are looking to become an online seller, I would definitely say that it’s a great option. But if you want to be successful, you will have to work hard and be dedicated. You need to have a good knowledge of your product and market in order to succeed as well as being willing to put in the time needed for this type of job. The best thing about being an online seller is that there are no set hours or days when you have to work – so make sure you get everything done before starting anything else! Just remember, this isn’t going be easy but if done correctly it can really pay off!


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