11 Best Ways To Foster Creativity in Your Teens

Ways To Foster Creativity in Your Teens

Creativity is a critical aspect of life. It is essential to problem-solving and the arts, but it can also be applied to everyday tasks like parenting. In order for your teens to become creative adults, you need to have strategies for fostering creativity and abilities for them from a young age. Here are some ways to foster creativity in your children:

Don’t be a helicopter parent

That’s right, this one is straight from the horse’s mouth. A recent study conducted by researchers at Brigham Young University and Duke University found that parents who are more involved in their children’s lives have children who are less creative and less happy. The reason is simple: innovation requires independence and autonomy while sticking your fingers into every decision your teenager makes will only inhibit those skills. So don’t hover, and let them make mistakes! The best way to foster creativity in your children (or any age group) is to give them space to breathe and thrive on their own terms.

Get out of the house, connect to nature

Best Ways To Foster Creativity

  • Get out of the house. If you want to encourage innovation in your children, get them outside. Go to a park or other natural environment and connect with the natural world around you.
  • Listen to the sounds of nature. As you’re sitting there listening, ask yourself what sound each animal makes and if there are any birds singing nearby.
  • Look at plants and trees as well as animals that might be in your area—what do they look like? What colors do they have? How tall are they? What kinds of things do they eat?

Provide resources to develop creativity through arts

strategies for fostering creativity

  • Provide opportunities for children to learn an art.

This includes:

  • Music: playing a musical instrument, singing in a choir or singing group, taking private lessons on any instrument.
  • Dance: ballet, modern dance, jazz ballet and hip hop are all excellent options for developing inspiration and also improving muscle tone.
  • Visual arts: painting, drawing or sculpting with clay can be very satisfying outlets for expressing oneself through visual expression.
  • Writing: teenagers who enjoy writing may find they have a knack for poetry or short fiction pieces (fiction). They might also like writing a blog where they share their thoughts on various topics of interest that have recently crossed their minds. There are many websites that will allow them to set up their own blogs easily without having to know how to program code first!

Set boundaries

As a parent, you need to set boundaries for your children. Boundaries can be physical (i.e., no smoking or using drugs) or emotional (i.e., no lying). If you don’t set boundaries, your children will continue to push the limits of what’s acceptable behavior in their daily interactions with others and with themselves.

Build Confidence

strategies for fostering creativity

When we’re talking about building confidence in children, it’s important to remember that confidence comes from all kinds of sources. A child may have a supportive family, but if there are challenges at school or within their social group, this can have a negative impact on their self-esteem. As a parent, you should have these kinds of strategies for encouraging creativity in your child. Confidence can also be affected by physical changes like puberty or weight gain/loss—this is an especially big deal for girls who are becoming more aware of how they look. As adults with the ability to help guide them through these experiences, we must try our best not only to support our children but also educate ourselves on what they’re experiencing so we can provide guidance and encouragement where needed.

Encourage risk taking

Ways To Foster Creativity in Your Teens

Encourage teens to take risks and do things that are uncomfortable.

Risk-taking is an integral part of life, but as adults, we can help children learn how to take risks in a safe environment. It is the best way to encourage creativity in your children.

For example, if your children have a fear of heights or spiders, encourage them to face those fears so they can feel more confident in their abilities and live more freely.

Taking risks is also important for success — even the best athletes need to push themselves beyond their comfort zone in order to succeed at their sport or hobby. And it’s especially necessary for happiness — without taking risks on occasion, you won’t ever get new experiences or learn anything new about yourself!

Allow them to interact with people

Ways To Foster Creativity in Your Teens

One of the best ways to foster creativity in your teens is by encouraging them to interact with people. By interacting with people, your children will be able to understand how others think and act, as well as what makes them unique. This is important because it helps your children realize that they are not alone in their thoughts and feelings. Your teen will also learn more about themselves through these interactions, which can help them become more creative in the future.

Keep a dream journal

Ways To Foster Creativity in Your Teens

It’s important for children to keep a dream journal. Writing down your dreams will help you remember them and pay attention to recurring themes. Maybe you are having nightmares about school? Maybe the same animal appears in every dream? Maybe there is something significant about a particular setting or person that could be helpful in understanding what your subconscious is trying to tell you?

Set a Role Model

foster creativity in child

Children can learn a lot from the adults in their lives, but it is important to make sure that the role model you choose is one that will help your children develop their personalities. For example, if your child wants to be an artist and you are a business person, this may not be the best choice for a role model. It is better to find someone who has achieved success in an artistic field so that they can inspire artistry in your teen as well as provide guidance on how to reach those goals.

Create an Environment for Creativity

foster creativity in child

The next step is creating an environment where your children can express their creative side. This means encouraging them to pursue their interests and providing opportunities for them to do so. If they love art, take them to museums or galleries frequently; if they enjoy music, get tickets to concerts; if they enjoy writing short stories or poetry, buy them books of these genres or magazines with articles about them (but only if they ask!). By giving your kids these opportunities, they’ll feel free to explore different kinds of art and expand their horizons beyond what you might otherwise have offered them!

Creativity is not limited to a career in the arts.

Creativity is more than just art. It is important in all aspects of life, and can be encouraged in your teens through various activities that don’t even require the use of art supplies!

For example, imagination is a key element of creativity. The ability to think outside the box and come up with unique solutions—even when there are no obvious answers—is essential for success in any field. To help encourage this skill at home, try asking your children to write down as many ideas as possible for how they might solve a problem or accomplish a task.

You could also encourage them to read books or articles about people who have created something new or changed their industry. This will show them that it’s not only artists who create new things; regular people do it too! Creative ideas can come from anywhere: scientists invent new medicines; entrepreneurs make profitable businesses out of nothing; teachers design innovative educational programs…the list goes on!

Spend a leisure day at least once a month with them

foster creativity in child

When you spend a leisure day in a month with your teens, you’re encouraging creativity in several manners.

First, you’re giving them the opportunity to interact with you in a non-pressured way. This gives them an opportunity to share their thoughts and feelings about the world around them without having to worry about getting things wrong or disappointing you.

Second, you’re showing them that you value their input and ideas—which will help build their self-confidence and boost their self-esteem.

And finally, by spending time with them on days when they don’t have school or other obligations, they’ll feel more relaxed and at ease with themselves—and therefore more likely to be creative


As parents, we have the power to help our teens develop a creative mindset that will serve them well in their future. Foster creativity in your teens is not limited to a career in the arts; it can be used in any field and become a way of thinking about problems. We just need to have good strategies for encouraging creativity and give our kids the tools and encouragement they need so they’re encouraged from an early age instead of being stifled by our fear or restrictive rules.

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