10 Best and Most Charming Towns In Scotland

Best and Most Charming Towns In Scotland

Scotland is a country full of charm and character. It’s not hard to see why it’s one of the most popular destinations in Europe. Scotland has some incredibly beautiful landscapes that are unlike anything else on Earth. From rolling hills, lush valleys, and beautiful beaches, Scotland has it all. And if you’re looking for an adventure-packed weekend away from home with your friends or family—or even just by yourself—you’ll find plenty to do here as well: hiking, sightseeing, golfing…just about anything you can think of.

A brief story of Scotland

In addition to being the most charming town in Scotland, one of the best things about Edinburgh is that it’s located close to many other places. In fact, it’s surrounded by a number of other charming towns and cities that you can visit in a day or two. For instance, just an hour outside Edinburgh is Stirling: another beautiful Scottish city with great history and culture.

Another fun thing about Scotland is its culture—the music, food, and art are all incredibly unique! The country has produced some major celebrities over the years like Sean Connery (James Bond) and Ewan McGregor (Star Wars). Their national dish is haggis—a kind of sausage made out of sheep innards; it may sound disgusting but believe me when I say that it’s delicious once you get used to eating off all.


Most Charming Towns In Scotland

Anstruther is a small fishing town in Fife, Scotland. It is located on the north shore of the Firth of Forth. Anstruther is a popular destination for tourists and has many shops, pubs, and restaurants.

Anstruther has many attractions including Anstruther Fish Bar, 17th century St Mary’s Church (which is said to be haunted by a ghost called Mary Queen of Scots), Fishermen’s Museum, and Anstruther Harbour Railway which runs along part of the North Sea coastline.

There are also lots of other great things to do in Anstruther including taking boat trips from the harbor or exploring coastal paths that lead to neighboring towns like Crail or Pittenweem where you can find more unusual shops than you could imagine.


Most Charming Towns In Scotland

If you’re looking for a small town with a big personality, Oban is the place for you. The beautiful port city on the west coast of Scotland has been welcoming visitors for centuries and continues to draw in tourists from around the world. Its picturesque harbor is one of its unique popular attractions, but it’s only one part of what makes Oban so charming.

The name “Oban” comes from an old Gaelic word meaning “little bay,” which perfectly describes this beautiful setting near Loch Etive and some 30 miles north of Dunstaffnage Castle (one of Scotland’s most impressive historical sites). The first mention of Oban dates back to 1230 when King Alexander II established a royal charter granting certain privileges to merchants who operated there. This charter was later reissued by his son Robert III or possibly his grandson James IV in 1493—the earliest surviving document signed by these kings—which means that Oban may well be one of Scotland’s oldest towns.


Most Charming Towns In Scotland

The second-largest town on Skye, Portree is a popular tourist destination. Its population is roughly 2,100. The town is also known as “Port Righ” or “King’s Harbour.” It was founded by King James V in 1540 and was originally called Inverarish after its location at the mouth of a river in the Inner Hebrides region of Scotland. The name Portree came into use around 1750 when it became apparent that there were two areas that bore this name: one near Dunvegan Castle (Inverarish) and another farther east (Port Ruighe).

A lot of visitors come to Portree to explore nearby attractions such as Kilt Rock or Staffin Bay before boarding a ferry to Skye’s northernmost point—Dunvegan Castle—where they can hike through forest trails or visit historic sites like Dunvegan Castle itself.

Fort William

Most Charming Towns In Scotland

Fort William is a town in the Scottish Highlands, at the southern end of Loch Linnhe. It lies within the council area of Highland, and with its population of over 13,000 it is both the largest settlement in that area and a popular tourist destination. It’s also home to a number of outdoor activities, including hiking, canoeing, and kayaking as well as skiing at nearby Nevis Range Ski Centre or Ben Nevis itself.

As you would expect from such a large town (especially one located so close to the such beautiful countryside), Fort William has plenty to do beyond sightseeing; there are plenty of restaurants serving local seafood or hearty pub fare. Alongside this are several pubs where you can try locally brewed beers such as Bruadar Brewing Company’s Black Cuillin stout or Isle Of Skye Brewery’s Skye Blonde ale—both brewed on-site by what might be considered Scotland’s most remote brewery (it’s situated on Raasay Island).


Best and Most Charming Towns In Scotland

Braemar is a small town in the Cairngorms National Park in Aberdeenshire, Scotland. A popular tourist destination and center for hillwalking, skiing, and other outdoor pursuits.

Braemar is a great place to visit if you’re looking for an authentic Scottish experience without all the tourists. Almost all of the Braemar’s hotels and B&Bs are family-run establishments that have been around for generations—and they know how to make their visitors feel at home.

You can spend your days exploring the surrounding mountains on foot or on horseback, or enjoy some downtime at one of Braemar’s golf courses (or both). When night falls, head back into town for dinner at one of its cozy pubs before heading out again for live music or dancing with friends.

St Andrews

Best and Most Charming Towns In Scotland

St Andrews is a town in Fife, Scotland. It has a rich history, as well as being known as the home of golf, being a popular tourist destination, and having an old town with various interesting buildings including the famous cathedral and castle.

The town has been awarded Scottish town of the year several times and has even been named first in TripAdvisor’s top ten best towns to visit in Scotland list! If you’re looking for somewhere with plenty going on then St Andrews is definitely one worth considering.


Best and Most Charming Towns In Scotland

Linlithgow is a town in West Lothian, Scotland, on the River Avon. It is located on the A702 road, approximately 7 miles east of Edinburgh city center and 2 miles west of the village of Queensferry.

Linlithgow Palace (Scottish Gaelic: Peairis Linlisgeidh) is a palace in Linlithgow, West Lothian, Scotland. It is currently a tourist attraction and historical site open to the public since 1990. The palace has been formally designated as a monument of national importance by Historic Environment Scotland, an agency of the devolved Scottish Government.


Best and Most Charming Towns In Scotland

  • Edinburgh is the capital city of Scotland. It’s also one of Europe’s most beautiful cities, with a wealth of history and heritage.
  • The city is known for its architecture, which comes in numerous different forms — from imposing stone buildings to modern masterpieces like Frank Gehry’s Scottish Parliament Building.
  • Edinburgh is home to many festivals and events throughout the year, including the world-famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe Festival, which has been running since 1947.
  • A number of music venues provide entertainment throughout Edinburgh every night of the week, while sports fans can watch football matches at Heart of Midlothian FC or rugby union games at Murrayfield Stadium.


Best and Most Charming Towns In Scotland

Kirkcudbright is a small town in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland. It is a former royal burgh and parish and is the seat of the Earl of Galloway.

The town was chartered in 1456 by James II and became one of the principal ports for exporting wool from southern Scotland.

In 1753 it was made a market town by an Act of Parliament; there are still six annual markets held today.



Stromness is a small town on the island of Orkney, Scotland. It’s the most northerly town on the main island and acts as a port for ferries to other islands in Orkney, as well as for mainland Scotland and even Scandinavia. Stromness has been inhabited since prehistoric times, but it only became an important settlement when Norse settlers arrived in the 9th century AD. The name Stromness is derived from Old Norse meaning “strong current”, referring to a strong tidal stream that runs through this part of Orkney.

There are two ferry terminals at Stromness: one for North Isles and one for Hoy-Lerwick boats which sail over to Papa Westray from Westray via South Ronaldsay (population 500) or Papay (population 40). From there you can take another ferry crossing via Holm on Egilsay (population 200) or Sanday (population 240) – both are smaller islands than any other major islands in Orkney making them ideal locations for day trips if you’re planning a trip.


Scotland is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe, and that’s not just because of its stunning landscapes and weather. Scotland also has some amazing towns that you should visit if you want to get a taste of what life is like there.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite places to visit in Scotland, all with unique characters and charm. So whether you’re looking for things to do or simply want somewhere new to escape to, these are the top ten towns in Scotland that we think will have something special for everyone.

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